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10 Makeup Tips by Ana Cristina Marquito



10 Tips to Improve Your Makeup Routine by Ana Cristina Marquito

When Erbilia Online Magazine asked Brazilian fashion and beauty blogger Ana Cristina Marquito about the best makeup tips and advise for women, she first non-hesitantly said:

“When you wear makeup every day, it’s easy to fall into the old routine of applying cosmetics the same way every day. If you haven’t changed your makeup regimen in recent years, you may be missing out on crucial tips that make your morning routine quicker and easier and give you a more polished, attractive look”. Ana continues and sheds light on 10 major makeup tips that would surely keep you on top of the beauty list:

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1• Hold a folded facial tissue, business card or plastic spoon beneath your lower lashes when applying mascara to your lower lashes. You’ll be able to easily avoid getting those annoying black dots on your skin and be able to apply a thicker coat with ease.

2• Apply white eyeliner to the inner area of your lower lid to make your eyes look wide and clear. Afterward, apply your regular eyeliner and notice the difference that the white pencil makes. Realize that a thin line is more eye opening than a thick line which tends to make your eyes look smaller.

3• Remove the brush from a tube of mascara that’s become dry and squeeze a couple of drops of your favorite eye drops into the tube. Reinsert the wand and swish it around inside the tube to restore moisture to the product. Avoid plunging the wand up and down in the tube since doing so simply forces more air into the tube that will then dry out the mascara.

4• Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler to open your eyes even more. While it’s best to curl your lashes before applying mascara, you can do it afterward as long as you allow the mascara to dry completely first.

5• Wash your face with a gentle cleanser before applying makeup. Follow up with a thin layer of moisturizer to create a smooth surface on which to apply your cosmetics. Choose a moisturizer that’s rich with emollients for dry skin or a water-based one for oily skin.

6• Close your lips tight and puff your cheeks full of air when applying foundation and powder. Doing so creates a smooth surface for application and prevents your cosmetics from settling in the creases.

7• Apply concealer to any darkness that lingers beneath your eyes. Use concealer to cover redness, blemishes or dark patches on your face as well. Concealer isn’t just for the under-eye area, but can be used to cover all sorts of imperfections.

8• Set your foundation by applying a thin layer of translucent powder with a fluffy makeup brush. To create an additional layer of coverage and even out your skin tone, opt for powder in the same shade as your foundation instead of translucent powder.

9• Relax your lips and do a gentle pout when you apply your lipstick. When your lips are relaxed, the tiny lines and crevices disappear and allow you to apply lip color in a smooth, even coat that looks amazing.

10• Add a couple of drops of liquid bronzer to your liquid makeup to give yourself a healthy glow that makes you look as if you just spent the day at the beach.

Ana finally said: “Just because you’ve always applied your makeup in the same way doesn’t mean you have to continue doing so. By adding new tips and tricks to your repertoire, you’ll ensure that your look stays current and that you always put your best face forward.”

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