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A “REVOLUTION” Like No Other


Helly Luv Sings “Revolution”

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Kurdistan – In times of instability in the whole region, in dark nights, in the cloudy days and hazy mornings of unsure calmness, a glimmer of hope shines through to say: “We will never surrender to violence”. “We” here meaning the Kurdish people, and the voice saying this phrase is the Kurdish celebrity star singer Helly Luv who has launched an amazing anti-violence song: REVOLUTION.

REVOLUTION music video was filmed in cinema format by Golden Screen Production company and was sponsored by BMB Group, a renowned Kurdish company. The high quality production music video quickly attracted the attention of local and international media around the world, due to many factors. The main reason was that Helly Luv’s REVOLUTION represented not only the Kurd’s revolution against violence and what ISIS is doing, but also the worlds revolution against all evil. Helly Luv calls on all countries to unite as one in the fight against ISIS, in the fight to end this craziness that ISIS is committing with cold hearts.

REVOLUTION was filmed in Khazer in Kurdistan, just 2.5 to 3 kilometers away from ISIS. This was a huge thrill for Helly Luv and the whole production team who reported that they would never ever forget every moment they spent on the set. This high budget movie-like music video features high quality production and post production effects and technologies.

Helly Luv believes that LOVE and PEACE will prevail at the end. She dedicates her REVOLUTION and this music video to all the victims of violence and terrorism. Erbilia Online Magazine supports every Kurdish celebrity who speaks out loud for a humanitarian or patriotic case, every person who is dedicated to make a difference, and we will keep supporting and shedding light on every bright project with a meaningful messgae.

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