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Erbil Apartment Rent

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If you are looking for an Erbil apartment or to rent in Erbil, you are not alone. Erbil real estate is rapidly growing. Housing and apartments in Erbil are on the rise as the economy continues to boom and people flock to the region. This is at times creating a shortage for prospective renters. And real estate will continue to rise as long as Kurdistan remains relatively safe compared to its surrounding areas. Since 2003, large housing projects and architectural structures are copious, literally changing the landscape of the city.

Currently there are 78 housing projects in the region, which total around US $5.8 billion. This is equal to 42.9% of investment capital and 44.51% of land investment distributed thus far, making this the largest capital and land investment in any one sector in the region.

There are several different options when it comes to an Erbil house for rent and Erbil apartments. The prices vary from house to house and apartment to apartment. Prices are based on location, size, furnishings, and other amenities. Average prices for apartments and villas range from US $300 – US $2400 per month. Villas are on the higher end of that range and can even spike as high as $3500 per month.

Unique to the surrounding regions, new houses and apartments in Kurdistan provide 24 hour electricity, complete gas and irrigation systems, and 24 hour security which is vital for companies operating in Kurdistan making these projects both residentially and commercially attractive.

If you are looking for an apartment to rent in Erbil, the Empire Royal Apartments complex offers a luxury urban lifestyle in the beautiful Royal City. They are a part of the Empire Project and are located on the southwest side of the project. The apartments are contemporary in design and offer beautifully landscaped surroundings. The Empire Royal Apartments offer: a swimming pool, tennis courts, a playground, and gardens. There are 804 total apartments including 32 towers ranging from 10-12 floors each. Phase one and two offer three bedroom apartments and phase three offers three bedroom apartments, two bedroom duplex suites, and three bedroom duplex suites. For more information on Erbil Royal Apartments please visit:

If you are looking for an Erbil house for rent, Empire Royal Villas offers 300 villas that all have a very modern design. Empire Royal Villas was constructed using only the finest of materials and has the highest quality utility systems in place. Phase one offers four and five bedroom villas. Phase two and three offer four bedroom villas. For more information on Empire Royal Villas, please visit:

Another very popular villas community is Erbil American Village. Erbil American Village is located on Salahadin Road about 15 minutes away from central Erbil and the Erbil International Airport. Each of its 400 villas was constructed to American standards. For more information on Erbil American Village, please visit Erbilia’s post on American Village:

Since the Erbil International Airport opened in 2010, Erbil has turned into a metropolis. Erbil housing and apartment complexes are abundant. However, in a couple of years a couple thousand more residential units will be available, continuing this exponential real estate growth in Erbil. For more information on Erbil real estate, please visit the real estate & construction business subcategory on Erbilia: