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Abu Afif Erbil Sweets



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Abu Afif Erbil Sweets

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The Kurds are known for their sweet tooth and a walk round Qaysari Bazaar in the center of Erbil can easily prove it. Visitors to Erbil are often amazed by the wide variety of traditional sweets available on the market. Traditional sweets are mostly based on dried fruit, nuts, dough, phyllo pastry, and locally produced honey.

However, while homemade sweets are often prepared by Kurdish housewives, there are not many high quality confectioneries in Erbil. That is why Abu Afif Sweets has become a pole of attraction both for Erbilians and visitors.

Abu Afif Sweets Shop is located in 60 Meter Street next to the Kurdish Ministry of Trade and has a 40-year-long history in making all kinds of quality oriental sweets. The first shop opened in Lebanon in 1973 by Abu Afif father and today the family business is continued by his two sons not only in Lebanon, but also in other Middle Eastern cities.

At first sight you can say that this is a “boutique” sweet shop where quality, excellence, perfection and customer satisfaction are the owners’ targets. The shop offers an assortment of oriental phyllo-based sweets filled with pistachio nuts or cream such as the world-famous baklava and katayef. You can also choose one or more of their ice cream flavors to accompany your baklava.

If you love chocolate or cookies with your afternoon tea, or want a healthy sweet snack for your children, here you will find a variety of nut-filled or chocolate covered cookies that can satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

There is an elegant café in the shop, the Coronelli Café, so go there with a friend to enjoy your afternoon coffee together with your favorite oriental sweet and enjoy the serene environment of the place. Before leaving, don’t forget to get a box of chocolates or oriental sweets as a gift for your loved ones.