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Abu Shahab City

abu shahab city erbil

 Erbil KFC Fast Food Restaurant

Abu Shahab City

Erbil Kurdistan


In recent years, and after the fall of the Saddam regime, Erbil, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, has been transforming into a flourishing metropolis that many call the “Dubai of Iraq.” Erbil has grown and expanded exponentially and has attracted billions of investments in new businesses and construction projects. Thousands of business executives and highly trained professionals from the west flood the city’s luxury hotels or take permanent residence in one of the newly-built “villages” round the city.

Along with the arrival of expats, Kurds who lived either abroad or other parts of the country have returned to the city to start a new chapter in their life in their prosperous homeland. Along with the increase in the local population, which is now close to 2 million people, there has been an increase in the number of hotels, shopping malls, and all kinds of restaurants and cafés. Very popular with the foreigners and the young Kurds are the American-style fast food stores.

abu shahab city erbil restaurants kurdistan

KFC in Erbil?

Oh, yes! But it’s not the original Kentucky Fried Chicken. This is a different “K”. Some say it’s “Kurdish” Fried Chicken, while some others say it’s “Krunchy” Fried Chicken. You can accept what suits your taste best. After all what really matters is that the place is the best fast food restaurant in town and it serves the most delicious sandwiches and pizzas along with its fried chicken dishes.

The restaurant is located on the 60m road near Ankawa village and it is part of the Abu Shahab complex which includes an Italian and a Lebanese restaurant, a supermarket, a coffee shop, and a branch of the original Abu Shahab restaurant.

abu shahab city erbil restaurantsAbu Shahab Story

This modern complex, which is a landmark in Erbil, is the result of the hard work of Abu Shahab himself. Abu started selling his delicacies from a street stand back in 1970. As more and more people tasted his kebab, he opened his first shop, “Abu Shahab 1” and then his second one on the 60m road. Abu’s kebab along with several traditional dishes brought the development of the “Abu Shahab City” which is now located on the junction of Ankawa and Gulan streets where customers will be able to find the traditional dishes of the old Abu Shahab eatery.


Atmosphere and Service

KFC is probably the best fast food restaurant in town as all of its dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and are served in the most tasteful way. Customers return for its excellent deep fried chicken which is really crispy and tasty.

People also crowd at the salad bar where the variety includes a lot of local salads served with hummus or with yoghurt and cucumber dip flavored with garlic. Try the stuffed grape leaves (dolmas) and the best naan bread you can find in Erbil.

Service is really fast even when the place is really crowded and a bit too noisy on weekends. The staff is friendly and polite and most of them speak English well.

If you go on a warm day, the outdoor seating in the green garden with the sound of the water in the fountain will enhance your dining experience.


KFC Fast Food Restaurant in Erbil, the Kurdistan region of Iraq, is not a branch of the well-known American chain as “K” stands for “Kurdish” or “Krunchy”. The restaurant is part of the Abu Shahab City and it offers quality fast food in a beautiful atmosphere both indoors and outdoors.  Service is fast and the staff is polite.


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