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Erbilia Online Magazine is one of the most popular sources on the web for Erbil online news. Thousands of readers flock to the site everyday for the latest in Erbil business, culture & arts, food & drink, music & nightlife, shopping, travel, spa & fitness, jobs, and more! For this reason, has become one of the most popular websites for Erbil online advertising. Many businesses have chosen to advertise on Erbilia because its platform allows them to effectively reach their target audiences. Also Erbilia is one of the most trafficked Erbil online magazines. receives about 3,200 to 4,000 unique visitors per day who are specifically looking for the latest happenings in Erbil. This is a huge amount of targeted traffic. Another reason some of the most prominent businesses have decided to use Erbilia for their Erbil advertisements is Erbilia includes social media promotion at no additional cost. Businesses that advertise on Erbilia get promoted on all of Erbilia’s social media channels. Erbilia has a huge database (thousands) of likes, fans, and visitors. Erbilia highlights advertisers in a unique way on social media outlets, so that they are sure to be seen by followers. Advertisers get repetitive reposts, re-tweets, shares, and likes, which exponentially increases their audiences.

Checkout the social media pages for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, Vimeo, Instagram. Advertising on is a highly effective solution for many reasons. First, the traffic on is increasing exponentially daily.

Second, there are massive ongoing advertising campaigns for on Google, Twitter, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, and offline advertising. Finally, Erbilia has a unique design and features, original and interesting content, and an interactive blog style news platform. One way that businesses use to advertise in Erbil, is through banner ads.

Banner ads are one of the most effective and easiest forms of Erbil online marketing. has several options for banner advertising, so you can pick the ad that will be most beneficial to you. The most visited page on is the home page. Businesses can choose to advertise their brand right on the home page of Erbilia!

Erbilia has two ad space options for the Homepage: homepage slider banner or the home page footer banner. The home page slider banner is a large 456 x 312 pixels size ad that has an eye-catching interactive sliding movement. Few websites provide this large of an ad size and this unique design. The home page footer banner is a 1500 x 200 pixels ad at the bottom of the page that grabs a reader’s attention right after they have become engaged in the content. It works wonders! If a business would like its ad to be targeted to a specific category, Erbilia suggests its category advertising option. The category advertising option includes a 450 x 450 pixels sidebar ad for the business on one of nine different category pages. The nine category pages are as follows: business, culture & arts, food & drink, music & nightlife, shopping, travel, spa & fitness, to do in Erbil, and jobs in Erbil. It is unique that Erbil will not show any other business on that category page and any subcategory page. So your ad will get a lot of online real estate and attention! The final advertising option Erbilia offers is yearly sponsorship subscriptions. Erbilia has yearly sponsorship opportunities in Silver, Gold or Diamond Packages.

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Businesses can contact our media booking partners ADLINE MEDIA NETWORK or write us an email: for more information. By advertising on Erbilia Online Magazine, your products and services will be exposed to a huge number of daily and monthly readers! It’s a very effective Erbil media opportunity! To check out the specific features of each advertising option or to start advertising now on, please visit: