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Al Safadi Restaurant


Al Safadi

An Original Lebanese Erbil Restaurant

By Heidi A, for Erbilia Online Magzine
November 22, 2014 — Updated 13:00 GMT+2

Al Safadi is a reputable chain of restaurants that specialize in Lebanese cuisine with branches in Lebanon, Dubai, and now in Erbil, Kurdistan.

The first restaurant of the chain was established in Beirut, in 1995, by Fadi Al Safadi who was the son of a well-known butcher in the city. That restaurant was so successful that the owner decided to make the Lebanese cuisine and the Al Safadi quality known to other cities in the Arab world. With the help of his business partner, Mr. Kamal Ghais, four operations were opened in Dubai between 2000 and 2006 – two Al Safadi restaurants, one Al Safadi Café, and the Kunooz Al Bahar seafood restaurant. The Erbil restaurant opened in 2013 and in just one year it has become a culinary landmark for the Lebanese cuisine lovers.


Al Safadi Restaurant is located in the 100 Meter Road, also known as Peshawa Qazi Road, and very close to Ainkawa, the Christian community of Erbil.


Probably the most beautiful restaurant in town, Al Safadi attracts people of all ages who love authentic Lebanese cuisine in a friendly, relaxing and very attractively decorated place. The Erbil restaurant offers an amazing garden where you can enjoy your meal or coffee with friends and family especially during the warm spring and summer evenings. The garden is nicely landscaped, there are gravel flower beds with shrubs, flowers and palm-like plants, paved areas for the tables and chairs, even a small waterfall that sounds so peaceful and relaxing.

Inside, the wooden floors, wooden decorations on the ceiling and the walls as well as the wooden stained glass windows and doors make you feel like a guest in a stately Middle Eastern mansion. The walls are painted in aristocratic beige and warm mocha brown, while the beautiful tapestry patterns on the chairs and couches make the place look even more luxurious. There are beautiful dividers with green plants in several parts of the dining hall which give you a sense of privacy, while the Arabian-style lamps and chandeliers give off a warm light that makes the place feel intimate and friendly.


From starters and main courses to drinks and desserts, Al Safadi offers excellent quality, fresh ingredients and attention to detail for every dish they serve.

You can start with the traditional hummus, baba ghanouj, and fattoush with the great toasted Lebanese bread. If you can stand the idea of raw meat, the authentic Lebanese Raw Kebbeh is something you must try. If, on the other hand, you like vegetarian delicacies, the vine leaves with oil or the grilled halloumi cheese can be great choices.

For your main dish any selection of grilled meat, chicken or fish, which you can accompany with a hearty rocket salad, will satisfy your palate in the best way.

For dessert, try the traditional Lebanese rice pudding with cream and nuts or the katayef bel kashta, which are Lebanese pancakes stuffed with cream.

And don’t forget that Al Safadi Erbil restaurant is also a fantastic Café where you can enjoy an assortment of coffees and spend a relaxing time with a friend.

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