Erbilia Online Magazine review: Altin Saray Erbil restaurant
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Altin Saray Erbil Restaurant & Cafe


Erbilia Visits Altin Saray Restaurant in Erbil

Located inside the four-star Altin Saray Hotel, this Erbil Restaurant and Cafe is a place that attracts not only the Lebanese and Syrian cuisine lovers, but also shisha lovers who enjoy relaxing and socializing in the comfort and welcoming atmosphere of the Shisha Lounge which is on the first floor of the Altin Saray restaurant.

Altin Saray Restaurant and Café is in Iskan Street, quite close to the old center of Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. Its central location attracts both Erbilians and visitors to the city who want to have a traditional meal by expert chefs, or rest their feet over a cup of coffee after having strolled around the Kayseri Market or the numerous fashionable stores of the Rhein Mall, which is just opposite the Altin Saray Hotel.

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The Shisha Lounge

The Shisha Lounge is elegantly decorated, colors are warm, homey and inviting, while seats, couches and tables are made of warm brown wicker, which, together with the white cushions and the large potted plants, give an exotic and relaxing atmosphere to the place.

Patrons can choose from a large variety of flavored shisha while enjoying their favorite coffee, tea or any other kind of beverage they prefer.

Shisha or Hookah lounges are quite popular in Middle Eastern countries, in Turkey, Egypt and in several European cities. They owe their popularity to the feeling of sharing a pleasant experience with friends and to the idea of friendship, closeness and togetherness especially among groups of young people.

The Restaurant

A renowned Erbil restaurant and cafe, Altin Saray offers the much-loved tastes of Middle Eastern cuisine along with international dishes. Go there with your friends or family and order a traditional altin saray erbil restaurant kurdish food erbil cafe kurdistan hawler arbil shisha altin saray hotel erbilkebab platter full of an assortment of grilled meats, grilled vegetables, and pita bread. Your Middle Eastern meal wouldn’t be complete without a bowl of hummus, tabbouleh or a fresh mixed salad.

altin saray erbil restaurant kurdish food erbil cafe kurdistan hawler arbil shisha altin saray hotel erbilOn the other hand, if you would like some internationally-known dishes, you can have one or more of a wide variety of pizzas, large burgers, delicious sandwiches or a mouth-watering, juicy grilled steak. Your order won’t take long to arrive and you will be served by a polite, friendly and smiling waiter.

The restaurant stays open 7 days a week from 12.00 at noon to 2.00 after midnight and serves lunch, dinner, snacks, coffee and beverages. They also accept reservations for those who would like to celebrate a special occasion with their friends and family and they welcome groups of people to watch sports events on the numerous large-screen TV sets all around the dining hall.

altin saray erbil restaurant kurdish food erbil cafe kurdistan hawler arbil shisha altin saray hotel erbilIn the summer, or whenever the weather is warm, you can sit outdoors, enjoy your meal and watch the people go by in one of the most crowded streets in central Erbil. However, if you don’t have the time to dine in, you can take out your order nicely packed, or have it delivered, as the catering service of this popular Erbil restaurant and cafe is quite fast and reliable.