Ex-military armored taxi in Russia St. Petersburg red taxi
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Armored Taxi in Russia


The Safest Military-Grade Armored Taxi in Russia

By Sergey B., for Erbilia Online Magzine
January 24, 2015 — Updated 15:00 GMT+2

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Russia – Innovation is at its best in Russia when it comes to science and technology. Economic challenges were never a barrier for Russians, they always have that special way of overcoming difficulties and keep advancing. Other ideas may not be categorized as life changing, yet they are media driven and have benefits beyond the usual.

A Russian businessman recently decided to convert an ex-military armored vehicle into a taxi. His idea was not easy to realize as he had to go through a lot of procedures to have it approved. Luckily, he got that long-awaited approval and started realizing his dream after the permit was refused by officials many times. He started out by one Combat Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle (BRDM APC, equipped it to accommodate people comfortable and painted it in a striking red color. The BRDM was manufactured in the Soviet Union and machine gun which was deactivated and kept to give it an eye-catching look.

Right when that armored vehicle hit the streets of St. Petersburg, everyone started talking about it. People got obsessed with it, young and old taking photos of it as it passes by and stopping the driver to take selfies with him, and in front of this special vehicle. The idea to ride a taxi might sound odd, but the experience is wonderful. The interior is spacious and comfy. The vehicle is ultra safe especially on snow, allowing it to transport passengers even in the toughest weather conditions.

The average price for a ride is about $80, making it expensive yet worth the try. This unique armored taxi in Russia attracted the attention of international media such as CNN, BBC and many others. The owner, thrilled by the amount of attention, started thinking of having a complete fleet of armored vehicles which will be active as taxis in the Russian capital.