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Erbil Art Talks


When Erbil Art Talks


It is a known fact that Erbil (Arbil, Irbil, Hawler) is one of the oldest inhibited cities in the world. This makes Erbil interesting and appealing for tourists from all over the globe.

Art investment has been steady thus far in the region, although potential is immense, with the regions rich history and scenery, art potential is vast. Gallery such as the Aram Gallery in Sulaymaniah and Sewa Erbil Art Gallery in Erbil, lively discussion occur between students and artists about the impact of contemporary art within Kurdistan, with excitement of western influence of art in the region in collaboration with local arts forms creates a contemporary culture in Kurdistan.

In cities across the region in particular Sulaymaniah and Erbil there is thriving artistic communities, for both established artists working in traditional forms of, for example, painting and sculpture, and also a new generation of artists working across contemporary art and ‘new forms’ of culture.

The emergence of this society has paved the way for an urgency in investment in the sector, however the KRG sees the sector as vital to the future of Kurdistan’s culture and heritage. Plans to build museums and theaters and art display venues are being studied by the government as well as by local and international investors who see great potential in this historic city.

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