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B to B Café


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee and Snacks 24/7

B to B Restaurant Erbil Kurdistan

Erbil Breakfast to Breakfast (B to B) Café and Restaurant

B to B, or Breakfast to Breakfast, belongs to the Lebanese chain of restaurants that opened for the first time in Jal El Dib, Lebanon, in 1996. Because of its high-quality meals and beverages and its 24-hour service, the café-restaurant soon became a success and a popular hangout for locals.

Today, B to B has expanded through the franchise method and there are 9 branches in Lebanon, 4 in the United Arab Emirates, 2 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and now the equally successful branch in Erbil, the large, flourishing metropolis in the autonomous Kurdistan region of Iraq.

B to B is one of the few cafés in Erbil that has used both Facebook and Twitter to inform their fans about new additions to the menu and special offers and promotions.  They have managed to create an online community that forms friendships and enhances communication among its members:

The Place to Be for Travelers and Locals


Located on the 100M road at the entrance to the Italian Village in Erbil, B to B Café and Restaurant is open to serve its many customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Because the Café is just 2-3 minutes by taxi to the modern International Erbil Airport and next to the English Village, which neighbors the Italian Village, it attracts a large number of foreign travelers who are heading towards the airport and want to have a cup of coffee, a beverage, or a delicious snack before they catch their flight. Of course, it is the same with people who have just arrived in Erbil.

Whenever you go to B to B, you will find several travelers relaxing at the friendly environment of the café spending their time watching something on the flat TV screens on the walls of the café while eating a hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner.

This is not strange, as a lot of travelers have to check out from their hotel hours before the departure of their flight. This is also the place to wait for a friend who’s coming to Erbil, especially if you don’t want to get into the trouble of goomg to the airport.

B to B also attracts a lot of local people who want to spend some time with friends to have a chat, watch a football match on TV, or just surf the Internet together. The café attracts expats from the nearby, newly built western-style villages as its environment reminds busy western cafés.

Atmosphere, Service and Menu

Decoration inside and outside is simple, even minimalistic, but pleasant, friendly and inviting. White prevails all over the place giving a sense of calmness and cleanliness while some blue and black on the counters and on the walls create a pleasant contrast. Outdoor seating is also pleasant when the weather is good, while the staff is always friendly and polite.

Having earned an ISO 9001 certificate for quality of food and standards of hygiene, B to B café caters for all tastes and their menu is always created with customer satisfaction in mind. Here you will be able to enjoy from simple fresh salads to juicy burgers and from a large variety of sandwiches to excellent pizzas, while friends often opt for a platter of grilled steaks, fish filets or chicken fingers.

For those who just want a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, they can accompany it with some delicious brownies or a slice of creamy cheese cake.


Located near the International Airport of Erbil, the Kurdistan region of Iraq, B to B is a restaurant and café which is open 24/7 and offers a large variety of full meals, snacks and beverages. It is ideal for local expats and travelers to and from Erbil.