Best weight loss tips for a healthier life
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Best Weight Loss Tips Ever


Get Back into Shape without Risking Your Health

In modern societies eating is not just surviving. It is a pleasure, a new experience, the exploration of the eating habits of other cultures, feeling creative by experimenting with new recipes, and an opportunity to get together with friends and family. Consequently, it’s no wonder why obesity is on the rise in most western countries or why hundreds of different weight-loss diets confuse those who want to shed their extra pounds.

Discover Why You Are Overweight

Discovering the real reason behind your being overweight or obese is the first step to losing weight successfully. Your approach to weight loss will be quite different if you have gained weight because of some hormonal disorder or thyroid malfunctioning. If this is the case with you, the only way to deal with your problem successfully is to ask for medical help.

However, if you know that your weight is the result of overeating and not paying proper attention to what you eat and drink, then the following tips will help you lose your excess weight without having to follow crash or extreme diets that can threaten your health.

Avoid Heavily Processed Foods

Heavily-processed foods are usually the most unhealthy and fattening choices and the main culprits for gaining weight as they are loaded with a lot of salt, sugar, corn syrup, trans fats, and of course, a large number of calories. Limit or eliminate altogether:

  • Traditional fast foods, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, and deep-fried chicken, sausages or chips
  • Pre-made convenience meals, such as pizza and frozen dinners
  • Snacks, such as deli meats, crisps, crackers and pretzels
  • High-sodium foods such as pickles, instant soups, salted nuts, salted fish, sauces and salad dressings.

Always Opt for Fresh Natural Foods

Prefer the local farmers’ market for fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, eggs and dairy products that come from small organic farms and make them the main ingredients for all your meals and snacks.

Have Balance in Your Meals

There are a lot of different diets that completely cut out carbs, fats or sugars, but remember, that your body needs everything in moderation.

An example of a balanced diet that could help you lose your excess weight without starving or depriving yourself of the necessary nutrients could be like this:

  • Breakfast: Start your day with freshly squeezed fruit juice, one or two slices of whole-wheat bread with a little butter and honey for the all the vitamins and energy your body will need during the day. Free range eggs, yoghurt and cottage cheese are excellent sources of protein to add to your breakfast.
  • Lunch: A fresh green salad, a sandwich with chicken or turkey and an apple could provide your body with all the nutrients without extra calories. A satisfying lunch will help you eat less at dinner time.
  • Dinner: A small bowl of brown rice, quinoa, or your favorite whole-wheat pasta with a fish fillet together with a colorful salad where you have added a couple of spoonfuls of olive oil are enough to satisfy your hunger and give a boost to your metabolism.
  • Healthy Snacks: Whenever you feel the need for a snack, apples, peas, kiwis, some berries, or a handful of raw nuts are the healthiest options. Dried sweet fruits, such as apricots, dates, cranberries, raisins, figs or a little dark chocolate can be added to a small bowl of yoghurt for a delicious sweet snack or to replace a meal if you are not very hungry.
  • Low-glycemic foods: Recent studies have shown that low-glycemic foods help you feel full for longer and help your body burn more calories. This group of foods includes non-starchy vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, most kinds of greens, and legumes such as lentils, all kinds of beans, chickpeas and split peas.
  • Drinks: Avoid soda drinks as much as possible. Drink several glasses of water every day, especially in the summer. Green tea, fruit juices, and one or two cups of coffee without sugar, or sweetened with stevia, will satisfy your thirst and keep you hydrated. Always avoid artificial sweeteners. They can cause serious health problems if used frequently.

It’s Good to Know That:


  • Counting calories is not necessary as long as you have small or normal portion sizes of everything.
  • Don’t expect to lose all your extra pounds in a couple of months. Losing about 2-3 pounds a month means an average of 25 pounds a year.
  • A healthy balanced diet is good not only for weight-loss purposes, but to keep you healthy throughout your life.