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Beymen Style & Quality

Erbil Fashion – Beymen Style and Quality

With large, luxurious and comprehensive shopping malls all over Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, fashion lovers are sure to find whatever they want. From small stylish fashion boutiques to large chain clothing stores they all offer a wide range of choices for all ages and all fashion preferences.

In recent years, Erbil has turned into a cosmopolitan city that attracts shoppers from most neighboring areas, and that is the reason the city has been dubbed as the “Dubai of the North”. Shoppers can find a wide range of international brands, such as Donna Karan, Levis, DKNY, Mango and several others, that make the city a shopping haven for both for professional and casual styles.

Beymen Fashion in Erbil

The Erbil outlet of the Turkish prestigious Beymen creators and retailers of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories is the firm’s second abroad – their first one being in Cairo. It was a 4 billion-dollar joint investment with Sarp Turanligil – a reputable local businessman.

The Beymen Fashion Boutique is located in the 5-star Divan Hotel in Erbil and its target annual turnover is approximately 10 million dollars. Along with the popular Beymen Collection the 1,200 square meter store offers the best of fashion giants like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Etro, Moschino, Kiton and many more.

Service: Unconditional Customer Satisfaction

Beymen Boutiques are well known for their unique service offered by their highly-trained personnel and the retailers’ aim is to provide the same quality service to their customers in Erbil. At the same time, the famous retailers intend to organize a number of events in order to attract high-income customers who live and work in the city – Kurds, Iraqis or expats.

All Beymen Stores pride themselves on offering:

  • Shopping by Appointment
  • Gift Shopping
  • Free Alteration Service
  • Free Delivery of Items
  • Wardrobe Service
  • Easy Replacement and Returns
  • Wedding List
  • Last Minute Service

Fashion for Men and Women

In fact, during its first year the Erbil Beymen store seems to attract mostly VIP men rather than women. Most of them seem to relish the personal service they receive from the trained staff, but women who have visited the store have received the same excellent service.

Expensive jewelry, designer handbags and shoes, along with expensive accessories are the items that women seem to prefer. However, the Erbil boutique offers some of the best Beymen Women’s Collection items along with luxury global designer clothing.


Beymen History

The Beymen Fashion Empire started as a small family textile industry of the Boyner family. At the end of the 60s the family business moved into the ready-to-wear industry and the first Beymen store opened in Istanbul selling menswear. After the success in selling men’s clothes the firm added women’s ready-to-wear clothing and in 1985 the Beymen Club Collection revolutionized casual wear for both men and women.

By 2005, Beymen had become the major apparel retailer in Turkey with 33 stores all over the country, 7 “megastores” and more than 2.5 million customers annually. Especially successful is the Istanbul-Nişantaşı megastore whose Brasserie restaurant on the ground floor became the trendiest meeting place in the city.

Today the Beymen collection, and more than 40 international brands that the Beymen stores sell, are the major trendsetters on the Turkish market.


A Beymen Fashion Boutique has opened in the 5-star Divan Hotel in Erbil, the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The Erbil boutique, which offers the best customer service in the city, attracts local and international upscale customers. Beymen is the largest Turkish apparel retailer selling its private label collection along with the collections of 40 high-end international brands.

Photos source: Beymen Facebook Page


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