Casper & Gambini's Erbil restaurant coffee shop review
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Casper & Gambini’s Erbil


Erbil Restaurant and Coffee Shop

Exceptional Mouth Watering Dishes

Over the past few months, the newly-opened Casper & Gambini’s café and restaurant has become the place to be in Erbil, the cosmopolitan capital of the Kurdistan Region in Northern Iraq. This modern Erbil restaurant and coffee shop is part of the reputable Ant Ventures Worldwide – a Lebanese-based Group which franchises several restaurant and café brands all over the Middle East with a real dedication to quality, excellence in service, and customer satisfaction.

At the moment, the Group has 29 different branches in 11 countries including Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt and a few more. For those who have traveled in any of those countries and had the chance to visit a Casper and Gambini’s Erbil restaurant, the opening of the Erbil branch will give them the opportunity to taste the great coffee varieties and the delicious dishes they had experienced abroad.

With its beautiful and trendy atmosphere, its superb menus both as a café and as an all-day restaurant, and its spacious outdoor terrace, Casper & Gambini’s is a pole of attraction for Erbilers who want to spend some quality time with friends and family. Especially in the summer of 2014, Casper & Gambini’s became the ideal place for football fans to watch the World Cup matches while enjoying a special, great-tasting menu on the terrace.

Casper & Gambini’s Erbil restaurant and coffee shop is located in the upbeat metropolitan Nergiz Plaza in Gulan Street – a sought after business part of Erbil and is open from 8.00 in the morning to 1.00 after midnight, seven days a week.


If you have a few minutes to spare before going to work, Casper & Gambini’s will offer you the best breakfast choices in town. Excellent coffee for coffee lovers, but also tea, hot chocolate and fresh fruit juices can give you the boost of energy you want for the long day ahead. Accompany your morning drink with hot, freshly baked croissants filled with cream or fruit jam, pancakes, cookies, omelets, a crisp white baguette with halloumi cheese or the traditional labne zaatar with cucumber, olive oils and fresh mint.

Lunch and Dinner

For lunch and dinner, you have limitless menu options of traditional and international dishes created by the expert chefs of Casper & Gambini’s. There are also special Ramadan menus, menus for vegetarians and for those who are health conscious there are the “Fresh and Healthy” and the “Low Cal” dishes.

If you love international cuisine, don’t forget to taste one of the many mouth-watering pizzas, one of the yummiest hamburgers in town, a club sandwich with golden fries, or a Japanese salad and sushi. For an oriental meal try taouk, lahme or kebab with fattouch, batata bil kizbara or hummus.

Desserts and Afternoon Snacks

Finish your meal or accompany your afternoon coffee with your favorite dessert from the large variety of their Sweet Deli items. From vitamin-packed fruit salads with exotic fruits and tarts filled with strawberry and mango, to cheesecakes, éclairs, or waffles with ice cream, you will certainly find something special to satisfy your sweet tooth.

But above all, Casper & Gambini’s Erbil restaurant and coffee shop is the place for excellent Espresso-based drinks such as Cappuccino, Macchiato and Latte, as well as a variety of iced coffee drinks all made by the world’s finest blends.

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