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غذاء ترفيهي لأطفال كورد

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غذاء ترفيهي لأطفال كورد في لبنان                 Ster Group لمناسبة عيد الأضحى المبارك، وتحت عنوان “لتبقى الإبتسامة مفتاح الأمل”، نظمت شركة الحائزة على Read more

Erbil International Fair Medicare Iraq Erbil 2014 Hawler Hewler Kurdistan 10
Erbil International Fair Medicare Iraq Erbil 2014 Hawler Hewler Kurdistan 27
Erbil International Fair Medicare Iraq Erbil 2014 Hawler Hewler Kurdistan 28

The 5th International Healthcare Exhibition and Conference – Medicare Iraq 2014 The “healthy” scene of exhibitions in Erbil welcomed the Fifth International Exhibition for Medical and Healthcare which took place Read more


Zheen International Hospital Erbil opened its doors in 2010 as a result of the growth in healthcare. Zheen International Hospital is a privately owned hospital. Zheen is owned and operated Read more


Soon in Kurdistan: Cristal Hotel Erbil Tens of hotels are mushrooming around the city center in Erbil, turning this great historical city into a real tourism and business hub for Read more

Erbil events Erbil flower expo 2014 s
Erbil events Erbil flower expo 2014 w
Erbil events Erbil flower expo 2014 x

Erbil Events – Kurdistan, Iraq Erbil Flower Expo 2014 Held at the Erbil International Fair Ground, Erbil Flower Expo 2014 opened its doors on the 26th of February and will Read more


In recent years the Kurdistan Regional Government has made a great deal of effort to attract top-caliber international investors for Erbil companies and Erbil business. These efforts are paying off. Read more

cycling in erbil 2sm
cycling in erbil sm
cycling in erbil sports city

The bikes that could save the life of cyclists! Photos courtesy Blaze & Pure Fix Cycling in Erbil, Kurdistan can be a pleasant experience specially for groups of friends who Read more

Erbil Aqua Tarin Park

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Aqua Tarin Erbil - 1
Aqua Tarin Erbil - 2
Aqua Tarin Erbil - 3

A Major Entertainment & Leisure Erbil Construction Project  – Aqua Tarin Erbil   A Unique Amusement Experience As Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan area of Iraq is growing and attracting Read more