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Press Release FINAL CHANCE TO EXPERIENCE ART FOR ALL AT WORLD ART DUBAI Interactive workshops, educational talks, outdoor markets and more than 3,000 affordable art works await enthusiasts on final Read more

Top 10 Strangest Police Cars

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Curly Hair Poodle Cats

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IS IT A DOG? A POODLE? NO. IT’S A POODLE CAT! What? A poodle cat? Ah you mean a poodle with cat’s eyes, right! Uhh.. no! Well it’s a cat Read more

Six Bookstores You Need to Know About

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Even though most of us order our books from online bookstores, the charm of getting lost in a traditional bookstore where you can find unexpected treasures and smell the characteristic Read more

Top 5 Museums in the World

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Take in the Most Extraordinary Examples of Human Culture by Visiting the Following 5 Museums

Take in the Most Extraordinary Examples of Human Culture by Visiting the Following 5 Museums 1- The Louvre Museum, Paris – With almost 10 million visitors per year, the Louvre Read more

Creative Carpets That Rock!

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Creative Carpets For Cool Interiors Being unique is something not everyone masters. It is that special touch you add to make things seem out-of-the-box. Home decor ideas by the thousands, yet Read more

Top Ten Books

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10 Must-Read Books By Heidi A, for Erbilia Online Magzine December 24, 2014 — Updated 15:00 GMT+2 1- Illusions – The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach (1977) This time Read more

غذاء ترفيهي لأطفال كورد

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غذاء ترفيهي لأطفال كورد في لبنان                 Ster Group لمناسبة عيد الأضحى المبارك، وتحت عنوان “لتبقى الإبتسامة مفتاح الأمل”، نظمت شركة الحائزة على Read more

Bestoon Cave Erbil Kurdistan 1
Bestoon Cave Erbil Kurdistan 2
Bestoon Cave Erbil Kurdistan 3

Discover Bestoon Cave in Erbil, Kurdistan This cave has a very old history, dating back to the Stone Age. It is believed that the Neaderthal people used to reside within. Read more

Erbil festival 2014 Erbil events 8
Erbil festival 2014 Erbil events 25
Erbil festival 2014 Erbil events 26

Photo Gallery of Erbil Festival 2014

Erbil Kurdistan photos 2
Erbil Kurdistan photos 3
Erbil Kurdistan photos 4

Kurdistan in the lens of German photographer Christian Willner Interview – The Munich based experienced photographer Christian Willner is a freelance photographer who started out in 2008. His unique photography Read more


Meet Kurdish painter Cheeman Ismaeel The Pavillion of Iraq at the 55th International Art Exhibition, which is open to the public June – November 2013, has helped to shed light Read more

Ishik University Erbil

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Ishik University Erbil, Kurdistan region Iraq 1
Ishik University Erbil, Kurdistan region Iraq 2
Ishik University Erbil, Kurdistan region Iraq 5

Erbil Education Opportunities – Ishik University Erbil, Kurdistan region, Iraq Apart from attracting billions of dollars in foreign business and real estate investment projects, Erbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdistan Read more