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Creative Carpets That Rock!


Creative Carpets For Cool Interiors

Being unique is something not everyone masters. It is that special touch you add to make things seem out-of-the-box. Home decor ideas by the thousands, yet today we bring you one small idea that surely will be an eye opener for your guests. We call them “creative carpets”. Those are not ordinary carpets that are boring and classic. Those carpets are made for those who are looking for something different. They want their apartment or home to have that spicy creative and fun touch.

Do you think that the most suitable place for eggs is a frying pan? Well, think again. The Italian designer Valentina Audrito believes that the right place for eggs is on the floor! Fried-eggs carpet was first presented at the Milano Salone Satellite Show in 2014, among other “Humpty Dumpty” – interior decoration items such as stools, tables and lamps. It must be said that the effect was stunning. Visitors lined up to lie on the carpet, placing their heads on the yolk as if it was a pillow! Hundreds of orders were made first day of the event. Maybe it’s in the cultural heritage congenial country: Gaudi and Dali actively exploited the “egg” theme in their works.

Checkout the Creative Carpets models below: