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Curly Hair Poodle Cats



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What? A poodle cat? Ah you mean a poodle with cat’s eyes, right! Uhh.. no! Well it’s a cat that looks like a poodle? A poodle that looks like a cat?

The “poodle cat” has been categorized as a new feline breed due to its thick coat of curly hair. The poodle cat phenom is not entirely a new thing, the term seems to have been up until somewhat recently used to refer to all manner of unique animals that have traits both feline and canine. Scientists have developed a new cat breed as a study made in Austria under the title: “Selkirk-Rex”.

Today, researchers at a Vienna-based university have confirmed that the Selkirk-Rex is a genetically distinct breed. After several generations of this curly furred cats breeding, the Poodle hair is of normal length and it varies from the La Perm breed because its coat is somehow thicker.

The story of the Poodle breed goes back to the year 1987, when a stray cat gave birth to five fluffy-balls kittens in Montana, where one of them looked so different from the others. One female kitten surprisingly had thick curly hair which stunned breeders who had never seen anything like this before. This caught the attention of Persian cats breeder Jeri Newman who adopted the beautiful kitten and called her “Miss DePesto”.

Often described as cat in sheep’s clothes, Selkirk-Rex cats are commonly mated with Persian or British shorthair cats, making them meek, laid-back, and playful animals.

Of the two main types, the shorthair or the longhair varieties of the breed, their curly fur comes in a variation of colors. Because of their very thick coats, these cats shed a lot. Although it is a fluffy curl ball and a joy to pay with, the Selkirk-Rex is not advised for anyone who is allergic to cats.

So if you are looking for a cute cat in sheep clothing, Poodle cat is your heart-throbbing pet to enjoy and play with.


Obviously, the most distinct trait of poodle cats is their curly hair. It even applies to their whiskers! To make it even cooler, the gene that makes their hair curl is dominant, so when they cross with other breeds, it can produce cats with similar look. Poodle cats can be either short or long-haired, with fur that is extremely soft. They are large and strong. Thanks to their unique coat, they are often referred to as “cats in sheeps’ clothing”.


Cats of this breed are generally considered to be sociable and eager to play. They are more than ready to take the grooming, if you are willing to give it to them. Poodle cats should be fine both for kids and older people. They will prove to be loyal companion but they can also have good fun with your children.


The biggest downside of this breed is that people with cat allergy most likely won’t be able to live with this beautiful cat. While other Rex breeds are usually perfect for those of us who sniff every time they happen to be around cats, poodles unfortunately won’t do. It’s also crucial to remember that you’ll have to take care of your poodle cat’s special coat. It may need some cutting or using preparations that will keep it shiny. Another problem might be lack of general knowledge about this breed. It’s hard to tell if there’s a risk of any genetic illnesses and if those cats need any special treatment. However, puddles are one of the most fashionable cat breeds currently around – perhaps the risk is worth it. Maybe you would like to discover if poodle cats have any particular characteristics?