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Date With Literature


Erbil Events Have a Date with Literature


The Erbil Literature Festival, for the second year in a row, provided many opportunities for local audiences to experience contemporary literature from Iraq, Iraqi-Kurdistan and the UK.

The three day festival offered highly respected British writers the chance to further their knowledge and experience of the literary world in the Middle East, and it also provided a dynamic platform for local writers, poets and scholars to voice their work and engage with British literature.

Erbil events at the festival were held in Arabic, Kurdish and English and will be chaired respectively by Dr Fadhil Thamer, Dr Himdad Abdul-Qahhar and Dr Rachel Holmes.
Also, in collaboration with the British Council, Firefly International presented a unique poetry experience in Iraq during the Erbil Literature Festival. Called the Reel Festivals, Scottish and Iraqi poets will be available for exclusive readings at a café in Erbil, for free.

Writers Hameed Al-Rubayee, Samarqand Al-Jabery, Omar Al-Sarai, Muhsin Mohammed, Gulanar Ali, and Kakamam Botani, attended the event.

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