"Day Without a Face" new trend in Chinese companies
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“Day Without a Face”


“Day Without a Face” – a new trend in Chinese companies

Chinese companies are among the most popular companies in the word when it comes to innovation and management styles.

In China, employees work long hours and management always tries to find a way to compensate those long working hours and create special programs and incentives for their employees. The trend worldwide now is to keep employees comfortable in their jobs, as much as possible, for better productive time on the job. The amount of stress that surfaces each day the management of on of the Chinese companies to in Handan Hebei to come up with a the “No-Face Day” for their employees or the “Day without a Face”.

This company allowed its employees to wear masks on their faces for one day  to hide their true emotions and have a break from the forced smiles and constant control of expression when dealing with customers and colleagues.