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DC Steakhouse Erbil


As Erbil continues to grow, restaurants continue to pop up around the city. Erbil now offers a wide variety of restaurants and cuisines! From the Asian Corner at the Erbil International Hotel to the seafood at Al Mahar on 60th Street, no matter what your taste is, you can find a delicious restaurant in Erbil. Erbil food is at the top of the list in Kurdistan.

If you are looking for something on the lighter side, there is no shortage of restaurants to choose from either. From an Erbil coffee shop to Erbil fast food, there are plenty of delicious choices.

For finer dining, DC Steakhouse in Erbil is a perfect choice! DC Steakhouse Erbil restaurant is an upscale steakhouse located in the heart of Dream City just minutes away from the Divan and Rotana Hotel. Many call DC Steakhouse the best steakhouse in all of Erbil.

DC Steakhouse is known for choosing only the finest prime meat available in Kurdistan. To ensure they are using only the finest meats, DC Steakhouse utilizes a lengthy and detailed process to choose the high quality meats they serve. DC Steakhouse has appointed steak quality experts that visit the wholesale markets in Duhok on a regular basis. At the market, the experts examine each cut of steak they select. They look for the color, fat content, and bones of each steak. Each of these factors determines how the steak will taste. It is important that the color of the meat is pink and the steak has the right amount of fat. And the fat must also be dispersed evenly throughout the steak. Once the cut passes this rigorous inspection, it is selected and brought to the restaurant.

Cooking the steak is another essential determinant to creating a delicious steak. DC Steakhouse’s Master Chef has years of experience preparing steaks and chops in the finest restaurants of Beirut.

Although DC Steakhouse is known for their tender steaks, they also serve many other fabulous dishes. DC Steakhouse offers fresh seafood, vegetables, side dishes, crisp salads, and delectable desserts. So even those who don’t like steaks won’t be disappointed eating at DC Steakhouse.

DC creates an upscale environment with white tablecloths and high-end décor. Guests can enjoy live music and the covered outdoor terrace. The terrace is perfect for those who like to enjoy an after dinner cigar or shisha. Guests can enjoy great conversation with friends over a fabulous drink all while looking at a beautiful open view of Dream City and Erbil.

In addition to dinner, DC Steakhouse also serves a casual lunch. It’s a great place to bring clients or colleagues. Guests can enjoy the same quality of food as DC Steakhouse’s dinner menu at a lesser price.

DC Steakhouse also proudly offers a unique and intimate space for private events. Private event guests can enjoy an indoor dining room or a covered outdoor terrace. Both of these spaces can be transformed to meet the requirements of your occasion. DC Steakhouse hosts corporate parties, social receptions, official government meetings, and more!

A dinner at DC Steakhouse is a perfect evening. It’s a must try Erbil restaurant. For more information about DC Steakhouse, please visit: http://dcerbil.com. For more great restaurants in Erbil, please visit: http://erbilia.com/category/food-drink/.