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Erbil is not only the capital of the autonomous Kurdistan region of Iraq, but also the beating heart of the entire Northern Iraq and the center of security, stability and financial growth. The city has expanded rapidly round the ancient Citadel, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, and round the traditional neighborhoods of the city.

Today, the visitor to the city will find a multitude of hotels, several large multinational shopping malls, and many modern, luxury, gated residential compounds that offer residence to a large number of local professionals and international expats who have been attracted by the numerous job opportunities in the area. The only disadvantage of these modern complexes is that their prices are often prohibitive for the low-income Erbilians.

Little by little, Erbil is being transformed into a large commercial and financial hub, and a pole of attraction for visitors from Iraq, Iran and other neighboring countries in the Middle East. The residents in the city enjoy a peaceful, modern lifestyle and look ahead to a future of peace, democracy, and prosperity.

Dream City Location

Built on an area of approximately 1 million square meters and situated next to the Empire City and Abdulrahman Park, the Dream City is one of the most sought after residential places in the city of Erbil.

The Dream City is situated on 100 Meter Street about 2 km on the north-west of the city center and about 5 minutes by car to the Erbil International Airport. This is a particularly peaceful area away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and it is ideal for a residential complex.

dream-city-erbil-construction-siteConstructing Company

Dream City was constructed by MECRI (Middle East Corporation for Reconstruction and Investment) company. MECRI is a promising Iraqi company which was established in 1996 and since 1998 they have undertaken a large number of development, property management and engineering projects. 

Dream City Residential Areas

The complex offers excellent infrastructure concerning electricity, water supply, sewage system, and, of course, telephone and fast Internet network.

The complex has 4 gated entries and there is a 4000-meter fence all around the city which ensures the security and privacy of the residents.

In the residential area of the complex, there are 1200 separate housing units of different sizes, from 250m2 to 900m2, whose prices vary accordingly. However, for those who would like something smaller and less expensive, the 4 apartment buildings offer apartments of different sizes and different prices.

Dream City Public Areas

The public places offer state-of-the art facilities such as:

  • A Mosque that can hold up to 1000 people
  • A Cultural Center that can seat up to 1200 people and which includes a restaurant, a café, and a pool.
  • A Post Office and an Administration Office
  • Different traditional and international restaurants
  • Several shopping outlets
  • Nursery and Kindergarten
  • 3 Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • A private school
  • A clinic

Erbil Dream City

Dream City Housing Costs

While prices for independent housing units range from $300,000 for the smaller ones, they can be as expensive as 1,000,000 for the large and more luxurious villas with private garden and pool.

The average price for a flat in the apartment buildings is about $150,000, but again everything depends on the size of the apartment.