Duhok TV Kurdish satellite TV channel for football fans
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Duhok TV for Football Fans


Duhok TV

The Kurdish Satellite TV Channel for Football Fans around the Globe

Duhok TV has become one of the most popular satellite TV channels, not only in the Kurdistan Region where it broadcasts from, but also in a large number of countries in the Middle East, in Northern Africa and across Europe. In addition, because of its live streaming via the Internet, it has attracted millions of loyal viewers from many countries around the globe. If you wonder about the reason of its popularity, the answer is simple: Football!

Duhok TV, which is based in the city of Duhok, the capital of the third, Kurdish governorate that bears the same name, started broadcasting in 1992, but in recent years it has become the favorite channel of football fans as it broadcasts live the most important matches of various national competitions from around the world including the British Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, and Portuguese Primeira Liga among others.

Moreover, football fans can enjoy comprehensive coverage of the FIFA World Cup, the Europa League, the UEFA Champions League, and the World Soccer matches. In addition, football fans are able to find out useful information about timetables, scores, interesting details and statistics about each match, footballers and their performance, and a lot of other related updates on the channel’s website.

Satellite Information

Viewers in the Middle East, North Africa and the whole of Europe can watch live the programs and football matches shown on Duhok TV via the NSS 12 satellite, position 57° East. Its frequency is 11568 /11.189-V MHz (DVB-S2, MPEG-4, SR1775, FEC 3/4) – polarization V.

Not Only Football

However, Duhok TV is not good only for football fans. The channel offers a lot of programs of general interest about local and international current affairs, the political and economic decisions of the Kurdistan Regional Government, culture, religion, education, social matters, travel information to the most important Kurdish cities, the weather, and several chat shows with experts on different aspects of life in Kurdistan and the Middle East. Because all of these programs are in the Kurdish language, they form a kind of link between the Kurds who live in Kurdistan and those who live abroad and want to keep in touch with their land of origin and their mother tongue.

Location and Contact Information

If you happen to visit the picturesque city of Duhok, among the other interesting sights, you will be able to see the modern building of Duhok TV in the center of the city at 76 Barzan Lain. If you need to contact them for further information on programs or football timetables, you can call them on +964 (0)62 724 2828, send them an email at info@duhoktv.net, or visit their official website at www.duhoktv.net, but you should have in mind that their website is only in the Kurdish language. Alternatively, football fans and fans of Duhok TV can join their official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/duhoktv where more than 150,000 people have liked their page and exchange interesting opinions on football matches.