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Erbil Restaurants to Explore

Do you possess a penchant for exploring exotic locations? Travelling around the modernistic cities and experiencing diversified culinary options? If so, then Erbil is a place that should definitely be on your ‘to visit’ list. But before you embark on this journey, you might want to preplan and look up for some of the hottest places to visit in the area. is your one stop online magazine to comprehensive information about the whats, hows and wheres of the city. The wide array of Erbil restaurants featured on has an individual exclusive story to tell about each of the dining places.

Savor the fusion of Indian spices, Lebanese herbs and Iraqi kebabs at Erbil’s multi ethnic array of specialist restaurants. Whether you drool over the classic Iraqi grill or like it extra spicy with chicken karahi or an excess of spices (Indian style), you won’t be disappointed with the range of culinary options available to choose from. Moreover, don’t be surprised if you find a few western restaurants serving the English food around. From your Greek Caeser Salad cravings to your Arab humus and zaatar yearnings, Erbil food market has a solution to provide for everyone’s appetite. Erbil restaurants offer an assortment of diverse ethic flavors at the most affordable costs. If you are a tourist visiting with your wife or perhaps a girlfriend, you can enjoy a delicious romantic meal for two within a petty $50 sum. That too with a heavenly-tasting-food guarantee.


Take a tour down the Abu Shahab City and surprise yourself! The amalgamation of taste and variety you find there will amaze you. With a plethora of mouth-watering dishes and scrumptious foreign and local dishes available to choose from, it is definitely the place for food lovers. The number of restaurants operating in the Erbil area has almost doubled over the past decade. This means that not only the foodies have been making more frequent visits to these eating places but also that the number of professional chefs working in these places have also increased. This indicates not only better quantity but also better quality.

Erbil restaurants not only have attracted more customers but has also poured in a lot of new restaurant concepts. The street food culture and mobile café fashion is the ‘next new thing’ for the Iraqi restaurant market.  More of those American hot dog bars found at almost every street corner and a lot more of the Mexican taco vans are expected to be seen roaming around the Iraqi streets in the next few years. As for more information about the recent developments in the food sector in Erbil, keep a track of online magazine and get an idea of what’s happening around Iraq and its neighborhood.