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Demand for Erbil residences has seen an exponential increase over the past 7 years and it is expected to further increase up to 100% in the next decade.

As a large number of residential complexes have already been completed, rented or sold to thousands of expatriates or Iraqis who have decided to take temporary or permanent residence in Erbil, the need for quality furniture, professional services and guidance on interior design for the creation of a pleasant and functional home has also increased.

Levelini Interiors is part of a large group of companies and with almost 20 years experience in the retail, wholesale, and contract furnishings it is a guarantee for superior quality and excellent service.

Their 1600 m2 showroom is located in Gulan Street, one of the most prestigious areas in Erbil, and a visit there will give you the opportunity to admire their exclusive collections of handcrafted furniture, unique decoration items, and everything you need to create the home of your dreams.

From simple, functional outdoor furniture for your poolside, patio, or garden to everything you may need for your bedroom or children’s rooms, and from an exceptional dining or living room to entertain your guests to the most comfortable and relaxing bedroom, Levelini has the best options you can find in the Kurdistan area.

levelini erbil furniture erbil kurdistan iraqAs for your kitchen, you just choose your favorite design and leave the rest to the highly qualified interior designers of the company who will take the exact measures of your kitchen and before everything is custom made and installed, you will be able to preview the final result with the help of AutoCAD or other professional software.

Since all furniture and accessories are manufactured in the most prestigious European factories, prices represent quality of materials and amount of work required. It is advisable to choose complete packages that contain everything for your bedroom or reception areas. Golden packages are the most expensive ones, followed by the silver or bronze packages.