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Erbil Hilton Hotel to Open in 2016 – Erbil Hotels.

by Heidi Alexiou |
Photo by Hilton International

Hilton Hotel Erbil, KurdistanErbil Hotels – Hilton Worldwide wants to establish a strong presence in the Kurdistan area and wish to undertake the building of the first Hilton Erbil Hotel in the region, which is going to be one of the most important Erbil construction projects. The management agreement for the development of the new hotel was signed with Mihtab Group in July 2012.

The Hilton will be a pole of attraction for the numerous business and leisure travelers in the autonomous Kurdistan region which enjoys a welcoming boost in domestic and international visitors. Most Erbil hotels are famous for their hospitality, luxury amenities, and extraordinary service, so Hilton is expected to further enhance the development of the city with the top quality its name guarantees.

According to Rudi Jagersbacher, president of the Hilton group in the Middle East and Africa, the Hilton development in Erbil can be the cornerstone of their ambitious plans to open 40 more luxury hotels all over the Middle East and Africa over the next four years.


Erbil Hotels – The hotel will be located in one of the most picturesque upscale areas in the north of Erbil where the view of the mountains is really beautiful all year round. The area has also attracted several foreign embassies, which are still under construction, and the Hilton Hotel will provide first-class accommodation for foreign visitors. There is easy access to the city center through the fast main access road.



Given their history and the legacy in hospitality that all the company’s hotels worldwide have created, the new Erbil Hilton Hotel is certain to attract world-class executives, entrepreneurs, and Erbil real estate investors who want the best of the best during their short or long stay.

The hotel will feature 300 luxury rooms including:

  • 30 deluxe suites for the most discerning guests
  • 10 chalets with access to a special health club
  • a state-of-the-art spa center for total relaxation and well-being
  • a convenient all-day dining area
  • 2 outstanding restaurants
  • a pool bar and a lobby lounge
  • a wide range of comprehensive business and event facilities
  • 5 meeting rooms and 2 boardrooms
  • the largest ballroom in Erbil with a capacity of 1000 people
  • an outdoor and an indoor pool
  • an upscale shopping arcade and a lot more

This is the second project of Hilton Worldwide in the region – the first one being the 200 Double Tree Hilton serviced apartments which are planned to open at the end of 2013.

Erbil Construction Projects

From a small ancient citadel – one of the oldest in the world – to a modern ever-expanding metropolis, Erbil has attracted billion-dollar investments in recent years. Being a hub of peace, security, and stability the city has attracted professionals from all over the world to contribute with their knowledge and expertise in the innumerable construction and business projects in the city.

From shopping malls and 5-star hotels to whole gated villages with thousands of Western-style residences, and from highly-equipped schools and hospitals to vast amusement parks and sporting facilities, Erbil has everything. If you look at the city from above, it seems like a huge construction site. Apart from the exploitation of Kurdistan’s oil and gas resources, Erbil real estate development is considered to be another major profitable industry.

Visitors from the UAE often say that when most of the construction projects are finished Erbil will be the new Dubai. And they are most probably right. Erbil hotels will be the next most booming real estate projects in the region of Kurdistan.

Erbil as a Tourist Destination

Erbil Hotels – Selected as the capital of Arab tourism for 2014, Erbil is expected to attract visitors from all Middle-East neighboring countries, from Southern Iraq and from the UAE. The selection of Erbil took place during a competition at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo and among the competitor cities were Riyadh and Beirut.

At the moment, visitors to the city enjoy high quality accommodation in most Erbil hotels, fine dining in gourmet restaurants, snacks and refreshments at relaxing cafés, and up-market shopping for designer clothes and accessories. Spas and health centers are also very popular with visitors, and for those who wish to have a taste of the local color there is always the Qaysari Bazaar where they can explore its narrow alleys and buy all kinds of traditional handicraft and local delicacies. More articles and posts on Erbil hotels and Erbil travel, coming soon.


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