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Mubarak Ben Ahmed Sharaf-Aldin
Jalil Khayat Mosque
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Erbil Traditional Market - Erbil Citadel

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ERBIL INFORMATION (Arbil, Irbil, Hawler)

No wonder that this great historical city is gaining more and more success each day that passes. There is something magical about this city. You can feel it while walking in its historical streets, you can feel it when you visit one of the its monuments or landmarks. Erbil is the oldest and continuously inhabited city in the entire world and throughout the history of mankind. The Sumerians were the first people to appear in Mesopotamia and until now, scientists cannot agree on their origin. However, most historians confirm the Sumerians passage from Kurdistan (Northern Mesopotamia) to South Iraq. This is where they built the first civilizations ever in history.

The origin of Erbil’s name is as rich as the region’s history. “Urbiliom” is the origin of the name Erbil, according to the King of Sumeria’s writings from around 200 B.C. The name Erbil was first mentioned in Sumerian historic writings from around the year 3000 B.C.

The Acadians mentioned ‘Erbil’ as “Urbil” in the second half of the third millennium B.C., while the Assyrians used the name “Arba Ilo” which means ‘The Four Gods’ from the middle of the third millennium until midst first millennium B.C.

The city, regardless of name experienced many important events in history. The Erbil area witnessed one of the most historic battles between Alexander the Great and Achaemenid King Darius, The Battle of Arbella or Gaugamela, in the fourth
century B.C. In books written by Arab or other historians, the name is mentioned in the form of ‘Erbl’ and as ‘Erbil.’

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