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Business Keys

Erbil Business Keys

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In Kurdistan, especially in Ebril, it is a major upcoming business hub, and will become the new, if not bigger, Dubai of the Middle East.  If you are a new business or deciding to expand into a new area, Erbil is a premium place. There are no special conditions or restrictions, in contrast to other countries within the Middle East, for non-Iraqi businesses and individuals with a new enterprise.

An entrepreneur in Ebril needs no permit to do business but where there is a chance of environmental or

social damage, a permit to do business is required. Under law, one must first look into any possible environmental impact with any production site. If neutral impact is predicted, an environmental exemption permit is issued.

Entrepreneurs have many options when setting up a new company in Iraq Kurdistan, however, like many countries; setting up a new company requires a series of work permits. The law requires non-Iraqi employees to apply for a permit. If a new non-Iraqi company wants to start a new business in Ebril and bring expat employees to work, one must first submit applications for them.

Ebril is the key to business in the Middle East and world. Join the Kurdistan business community and the future will only be successful.

Kurdistan is ready and ripe for major investment projects in fields such as:

• Hospitals and medical centers to provide modern medical technology and services within the region instead of obliging patients to travel abroad to receive sophisticated and technically advanced treatments;

• Power supply;

• Water delivery (build-operate-transfer);

• Media companies;

• Insurance companies;

• Banks & financial institutions;

• Hotels;

• Many more business sectors

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