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Erbil History

Mubarak Ben Ahmed Sharaf-Aldin

Erbil Modern History – Kurdistan

Erbil is an ancient city yet it has a lively mix of tradition and modern development. In 1970, the parliament of the Kurdistan region was established in Arbil but was controlled by Saddam Hussein until 1991 at the end of the Gulf War. The rich heritage, the history, and the people, all contribute in making this city as great as it is now. The future holds more greatness for Erbil and the Kurdistan region due to many success factors. The people of Erbil are equipped with so much experience, solid will, and outstanding perseverance to make their region flourish.

Fighting broke out in the mid 1990s between the two main Kurdish factions, the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. Abril was captured by the Kurdistan Democratic Party with assistance from the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein. Many NGOs and international organizations fled Ebril during this time, while many Kurds were accepted as refugees.

The Kurdish Parliament in Arbil reconvened after a peace agreement was signed between in 1997.However, it didn’t have real power as the Kurdish government in Arbil only had control in the western and northern parts of Iraq.

Only remote, irregular violence has hit Ebril since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. Despite these, the population feels generally safe.

As of 2005, the new Iraqi constitution recognizes the Kurdistan Regional Government and the two parallel administrations. An agreement was signed to unify the administration of the entire Kurdish region in Abril and the unitary government was formally presented.

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