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Award-winning Airport


Erbil International Airport (EIA)

Award-Winning Best Emerging Market Airport


Erbil, also known as “Hawler” in Kurdish, is the capital of the autonomous Kurdistan Region in Northern Iraq. Erbil is the capital and the largest city in the region with almost 2 million inhabitants. During the last decade the city has grown rapidly and expanded enormously in concentric rings round the ancient Citadel – one of the oldest cities in the world that have been permanently inhabited.

As the Kurdistan region has been a safe haven since Iraq liberation in 2003, the Kurdistan Regional Government has managed to attract investments worth more than 14 billion dollars. At the same time, security, stability and career opportunities have attracted thousands of Iraqis and expatriates to Erbil.

The prosperity and the economic growth of the city have been further enhanced with the opening of Erbil airport in 2010. The airport has linked Erbil to the rest of the world making it easily accessible to visitors, tourists, and professionals who seek permanent residence in Kurdistan.


Erbil International Airport - Erbil Kurdistan

Erbil International Airport – Erbil Kurdistan

Erbil Airport – The Best Emerging Market Airport

During the annual airport show for emerging markets held in Dubai this year, Erbil airport was voted as the “Best Emerging Market Airport with less than 5 million passengers per year.” In fact Erbil airport has had a 53% growth in 2012, reaching almost 1 million passengers and almost 28.000 tons of cargo. The airport received the award not only for passenger increase, but also for quality of services provided, and the attraction of several airlines to the area.

Erbil International Airport Facts

  • Erbil is currently connected to 15 different countries and 23 cities worldwide
  • There are 21 national and international airlines flying to Erbil airport at the moment with Istanbul and Dubai being the most popular international routes
  • The number of passengers in 2012 was 947,400
  • The airport has a capacity of 3 million passengers per year
  • The cargo tonnage in 2012 was 27,849
  • New cargo terminal is 64% more efficient and works in conjunction with the old cargo terminal
  • The airport features a runway of 4,800m – one of the fifth longest in the world
  • There are 16 gates and 6 fixed-bridge gates
  • The average number of passenger flights per day is 13, and the average number of passengers is 2,590
  • The airport features a duty free shop, a currency exchange service, CIP and VIP areas, and all modern amenities


Transportation to and from Erbil Airport

Unfortunately there are no train or subway services to Erbil airport, so the best way is to make a reservation in advance with the official Erbil Airport taxi service.

If it is your first visit to the city, you had better agree with the taxi driver on a fixed price. It may be a bit more expensive than a meter price, but you will avoid all kind of loops and long routes to your destination.

“Hello Taxi” company is the most expensive one, and you will have to pay $20 from the airport to Ankawa and about $50 to the city center.

Hello Taxi Erbil, Kurdistan

Hello Taxi Erbil, Kurdistan

Women traveling alone can opt for a PNK Taxi which is a taxi service exclusively by women for women and with English speaking drivers.

Pink Taxi Erbil, Kurdistan

Pink Taxi Erbil, Kurdistan


Erbil Airport has been voted as the “Best Emerging Market Airport in 2012 with less than 5 million passengers.” The airport had a spectacular 53% growth in 2012 with the number of passengers going up to almost 1 million. Erbil Airport is about 20 minutes’ drive from the centre of Erbil. The best way to travel to and from the airport is by taxi as there is no train or bus service.


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