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Erbil Info: A Peek into the Ancient Times

Fuelled by the abundance of oil and natural gas reserves, Erbil is a beautiful city located amidst the Kurdistan region in modern Iraq. As one the ancient cities in the world, Erbil holds a historic significance and a rich cultural history. But over the past few decades, its economy has witnessed a much different trend in terms of its commercialization and urbanization. 

According to the news, Erbil has been experiencing extremely high growth rates and has been attracting international investors by providing various investment opportunities. Much of this boom can be attributed to the presence of the plentiful oil reserves in the area but a major chunk can also be accredited to the keen government involvement in multiple investment projects., the online magazine, provides a complete guide regarding this upward growth trend in Erbil as well as provides additional Erbil info relating to everyday life and social structures.

Erbil is known to be one of the oldest cities in the world with its name mentioned in historic writings and scriptures dated back to 3000 B.C. According to the popular belief the city was known as ‘Urbiliom’ in the ancient times. The city itself has one of the most interesting histories attached to it. If you are further interested in information about the evolution of the city, its culture, its tradition and its values, have a look at “Erbil Info” page for more information.

If world history and cultural civilization is your preferred area of research, then let us tell of one of the most amazing stories of how Erbil got its name. Legend tells that the Sumerians, one of the first people to inhabit in Mesopotamian region, fled to the southern areas of Iraq, constructed cities there and initiated one of the first civilizations in the world. But the name “Urbil” first appeared on the pages of history around third millennium B.C. Assyrians clan used the name “Arba Ilo” for the city meaning the “four gods” whereas Greeks used different written forms of the name such as Arbella, Arbilis etc. The name Erbil appeared on the scene after the historic battle between Alexander the Great and King Darius when historians used the form Erbl to describe the region of this conflict. The Kurds of this region named their capital city as “Hawler”- the name that was long used for Erbil. Hence, Erbil holds a certain historic significance in terms of its ancient history and the many important events that happened in the region.

If you want to have a detailed analysis of how Erbil evolved and what clans inhabited this area in the initial times, go through “Erbil Info” page on and put an end to your curiosity. Moreover, if you are interested in knowing about modern day Erbil, the developments taking place there or the type of investment opportunities being provided in the region- you may also find a lot of relevant stuff. Therefore, stay tuned and keep on exploring!