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Erbil Sport Center


The Largest of Kurdistan Sports Clubs

Erbil Sport Center – Exclusive review – Photos by: Mustafa Adil and Copyright Erbilia Online Magazine
For at least the last 8-10 years, Erbil has been the fastest growing city in Iraq and the Middle East. Because of its stability and security the city has attracted all kinds of investments in construction, commerce, and services with a large number of high-end professionals from all over the world moving into the city.

Today Erbil offers a unique lifestyle which is a successful combination of the traditional Kurdish life with the western trend for luxury products and quality services. Modern shopping malls, five-star hotels, international restaurants, and outdoor fun and activity centers offer recreation and entertainment options to locals, expats, and visitors to the city.

Erbil fitness centers have also been on the rise in recent years. At first it was the luxury hotels that offered their guests exceptional gym facilities as a standard amenity, but today there are several independent Erbil health clubs and gyms that attract the fitness enthusiasts of the city.

Erbil Sport Center Kurdistan

Erbil Sport Center

Probably the largest and most comprehensive of all Kurdistan sports clubs, Erbil Sport Center opened its doors for the first time on 1st May 2011 and since then it has been a pole of attraction for the young men of the city, but women can also enjoy the facilities of this Erbil sports club in a separate section specially equipped for them.

The center is located on the 100M Street near Ankawa and the International Airport of the city. It is the largest Erbil health club as it is built on a 20,000 m2 area which includes a large garden and a 6,000 m2 car park, while its facilities receive more than 200 people per day both local and expats.


The center has something to offer for each and every Erbil fitness and sport enthusiast:

  • State of the art gym for men and women (separate). There are male and female trainers to help boys and girls reach their fitness, conditioning, and weight loss goals
  • Indoor swimming pool for men and swimming lessons by an experienced swimming instructor
  • Aerobics, Pilates, and Zumba Dance for women
  • Separate Sauna and Jacuzzi facilities for men and women
  • Solarium equipped with special massage armchairs
  • Billiards room
  • Outdoor Tennis court
  • Football pitch
  • Indoor Cafeteria for snacks and refreshments
  • Shower rooms and cloakrooms
  • Boutique selling special gym clothes
  • 24-Hour WiFi Internet

More about Erbil Sport Center

  1. The center is open from 2:00 pm until 12:00 midnight every day of the week, but it is closed on Fridays.
  2. The membership fees for men are $200 for the first month, but they are reduced to $150 for the following months. For women the fees are $125 per month.
  3. Members can take a guest with them and pay a one-day-fee for him/her which is 25,000 IQD for men and 15,000 IQD for women.
  4. Swimming lessons (only for boys and men) are $100 per month.
  5. All members and guests must be over 18 years of age.

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