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Evita Peroni in Erbil


Located on the lower ground floor of the Majidi Mall in Erbil, Evita Peroni offers women the very finest in fashion accessories. For Erbil shopping it doesn’t get much better than this! Now in 30 different countries, Evita Peroni is a global fashion accessories brand “with a twist of luxury.” Evita Peroni accessories reflect all of the latest trends in Erbil fashion.

Evita Peroni offers fashion accessories to suit every occasion and to meet the needs of any woman. They carry a wide variety of hair accessories such as hair clips and headbands. They are also known for their originally designed fashion jewelry. And finally, they boast an exclusive line of small handbags and trendy fashion sunglasses. Evita Peroni uses only the finest of materials for their accessories including silk, genuine leather, pearls, gemstones, chiffon, and Swarovski crystals.

Evita Peroni was founded in Denmark in 1988, and the story of how it was founded is quite fabulous. In 1988, Henning Deichmann was sitting at Kulhus, an old manor house in a forest north of Copenhagen. From these magnificent surroundings grew his inspiration for a concept for women that would celebrate beauty, excitement, color and passion. Deichmann was moved by the vibrant colors of the forest on a sunny afternoon and the timeless architecture of the buildings. He wanted to bring these concepts into an accessory line. Hence Evita Peroni was born.

Evita Peroni is for women who want stylish, fashionable and exclusive accessories. All Evita Peroni products are made from high quality materials, and the level of craftsmanship is extraordinary. The Evita Peroni passion reads: From the flirty and frivolous to shamelessly seductive, EVITA PERONI® invites women to change their look as quickly as they change their mood. The EVITA PERONI woman is confident, feminine and loves to show her individuality. With a “touch of luxury” from EVITA PERONI we challenge you to LET FASHION GO TO YOUR HEAD®.

Today Evita Peroni has offices in Copenhagen, London, Hong Kong and San Francisco. Having offices across the world ensures the designers draw inspiration internationally. At the same time, they are committed to keeping the brand loyal to its Denmark roots and heritage. Originally founded by Henning Deichmann, Henning’s daughter, Camilla Deichmann now serves as Director, ensuring the original traditions of Evita Peroni will inspire new collections for many years to come.

Whether you have a night on the town coming up or a lunch with the girls, we recommend visiting Evita Peroni. It is one fashionable Erbil shop! You are sure to find something fabulous to take your outfit to the next level! Evita Peroni is at the Erbil mall, Majidi Mall , which is located on Kaznazan Road. For more information about Evita Peroni and store events, please visit the Erbil Evita Peroni facebook page. If you have any questions you can also contact Evita Peroni at +964 770 658 0608 or by email at evitaperonikurdistan@gmail.com. For more information about shopping in Erbil please visit the shopping section of Erbilia: http://erbilia.com/category/shopping/.