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Family Mall Erbil


Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment for All the Family

Family Mall Erbil, Kurdistan


As its name suggests, the Family Mall Erbil, the Kurdistan region of Iraq, is a great destination for all the family. One of the biggest shopping, dining, and entertainment venues in the city of Erbil, the Family Mall was constructed by the reputable Darin Group, a major Erbil-based Construction, Internal Project Management, and General Trading Company.

Erbil has seen significant changes in the last 10 years especially through large-scale construction projects that are the result of national and international investments. Capital inflow, flourishing businesses, and a considerable increase of the people’s standard of living have made the city one of the fastest growing in the Middle East. At the same time, the Kurdistan Regional Government encourages long-term investments by local and foreign companies and strives hard to uphold high standards of safety and security in the area.



The Family Mall opened its doors in December 2010 and it soon became the place to be because of its prime location in the 100M Road, one of the trendiest in Erbil, and because of its proximity to the Family Fun amusement park. The mall offers a wide range of stores and outlets, high-end cafés and restaurants, and a large number of entertainment facilities for both adults and children.

A large number of popular international brands are present at the Family Mall Erbil. Here shoppers can find brand names such as: DKNY, Levis, Donna Karan, DeFacto, Zara, Geox, Mango, Armani, Rolex, Digital City, Blackberry, Swatch, Timberland, FLO, Rodi Mood, Koton, YKM, MEXX, and many more. In total there are about 350 well-known brand names that customers can find in the 100 retail stores of the Family Mall.

Entertainment Facilities

Apart from offering excellent shopping facilities, Family Mall Erbil was built with a different concept in mind. Rawand Hussain Ali, the Darin Company advertisement manager said that they wanted to create a place for fun, entertainment, relaxation, and quality time for all the family.

A great attraction for children, and adults, is the large indoor ice-skating rink of the mall. There is also a 3D Movie Theater along with a 14-screen Multiplex cinema complex that attract the cinema lovers of the city.

Must Visit at Family Mall Erbil

daric shop erbil mall erbil furnitureMado Café

For the best Turkish coffee in town and the most delicious desserts, Mado Café is the ideal place to have some rest and treat your children to an amazing variety of ice cream. Excellent service and very friendly staff.

digital city erbil mall erbil shoppingDigital City

This is the largest IT Company in Iraq and the place for everyone to buy the latest in laptops, tablets, desktops and all kinds of accessories and peripherals.  Digital City is also the paradise of gamers who can find here a wide range of games for Play Station, Game Boy, and Xbox.



daric shop erbil mall erbil furnitureDaric Shop

If you love art, antiques and unique pieces of furniture, you will probably spend hours in the Daric Shop.

Even if you don’t want to buy anything, you will certainly marvel at the handmade Persian carpets and artifacts, and the beautiful designs of the handmade Turkish lamps.

erbil supermarket carrefour erbil mallCarrefour

Do all your shopping at the first French hypermarket in the Kurdistan region. Carrefour extends over an area of 10,000 m2 on two floors and has everything you may need. From all kinds of food stuff, including fruits and vegetables, to beauty products and electronic items Carrefour guarantees quality, best price and excellent customer service.


Family Mall in Erbil, the Kurdistan region of Iraq, is the largest in town. It was constructed by the Erbil-based Darin group and it was created to attract the young and old alike. Shoppers will be able to find a large number of renowned fashion brands, Carrefour hypermarket, great cafés and restaurants, a large indoor ice-skating rink and a 14-screen cinema complex.


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