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Fancy Burgers From Around The World


Are you a burger fan?

Hamburger with ice cream


An unusual cheeseburger with the addition of bacon, topped with ice cream, coated with crushed fried corn flakes, was first prepared at a food fair in Florida.


Hamburger “fried brains”


A special recipe burger made ​​from fried veal brains are very popular in Ohio River Valley.


Hamburger ” 1000 pieces of cheese


At Burger King in Japan, you can enjoy a burger called the “Laden” made ​​from 1000 sliced ​​cheese.


James Bond Hamburger


The structure of this luxury burger includes caviar, garlic, quail eggs, octopus, and covered with 24 carat gold.


Beer and Burger


A designer burger sandwich created by the Parisian artists Thomas Weil and Quentin Weisbuch made ​​from barley, malt and hops.


The world’s largest cheeseburger


This giant burger was prepared by cooks at Casino Black Bear (Minnesota, USA). It weighs more than a ton and a diameter of up to 3.05 meters (10 feet). Huge sandwich made ​​of bacon 27.22 kg (60 pounds), 22.68 kg (50 pounds) of lettuce, 22.68 kg (50 pounds) of chopped onion and 18.14 kg (40 pounds) of cheese.


Premium Kuro Burger


Black hamburger prepared in “Burger King” in Japan. It consists of black cheese, black sauce and black and buns.


Hamburger “Next Green!”


Chicken burgers that are much tastier than they seem in the picture, are prepared in France. They buns are dyed with green, served filled with cream cheese, wasabi, cucumber, fresh mint and lime.


Hamburger with worms


This exotic delicacy is served in a London restaurant “Rentokil”. For fans of such unusual food, there are many unusual dishes at this restaurant, such as: chocolate with ants, crickets, worms, cooked on the barbecue.




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