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Floria City in Erbil


Floria City in Erbil – Where the Desert Turns Into Paradise

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One of the most ambitious land-development and construction projects is taking place in the desert near Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan region in Iraq. The project concerns Floria City that is still under construction, but the rendering above can give you an idea of how the finished residential compound will look like. Erbil construction projects are increasing with more construction companies taking part in this immensely booming economy.

Floria City was designed to be an oasis where buildings seem to grow from the ground just like the palm trees, the plants, the flowers and the lush greenery which will adorn the city. The project started in September 2011 and is expected to finish by 2016. This is a private investment project which is constructed by RAD Company and the cost is estimated to approximately half a billion dollars.

Floria City Plan

The area is divided into four different parts that were named after some of the most beautiful indigenous flowers: the Nergis Plaza, the Mercan Plaza, the Rose Garden and the Papatya Field.

The Nergis Plaza extends over an area of 183.000m2 and contains 71 buildings with 518 apartments in total. Here you can find two types of apartment villas, as well as Nergis Tower apartments.

• The Rose Garden is the most luxurious part of the city as it contains 5 palaces of 2000m2 each, 9 palaces of 1200m2, 13 palaces of 1000m2 and 15 apartment-villa buildings. In the area there are also 15 10-floor residential towers with 600 apartments in total.

• The Papatya Field is opposite the Rose Garden area and is the part of the city which contains 57 towers over an area of 159000m2. The apartments here promise an excellent view of the whole city and residents on the upper floors will be able to admire the whole city of Erbil. The total number of apartments in the area is 2154.

 The Mercan area is located in the centre of the City and it features an 11,095m2 Hotel, a Spa for women, a Police Station, a Fire Station, a Clinic, and the Shopping Center of the City which covers an area of 65.781m2. For those interested in combining their office and residence in one, the Mercan area features several types of Home Office arrangements to choose from.

Special Features

Erbil Construction – Floria City offers everything a modern city can offer – from shopping, entertainment and an international restaurant to health and fitness clubs and from several game halls to facilities for the most popular sports, such as basketball, volleyball and tennis. At the same time, everyone can have excellent health care services at the modern infirmary of the city while children can spend their time in the most creative way at the Kid’s Club or have fun at the Children’s Park. As for parking, there are thousands of underground parking spaces for residents, private garages, and hundreds of surface parking spaces for both residents and visitors.



Floria City is a place appealing to all kinds of budgets and suitable for different kinds of individual or family needs. Whether you live on your own, or you have a large family Floria can be the perfect place for you.

Prices start from $59,000 for a home office residence, while the down payment required can be as low as $9,000. For an average 2-bedroom apartment, you need about $130,000, but if you opt for something big and luxurious, such as a palace with its own swimming pool, the cost can be as high as 2.5 million dollars.

Floria City Erbil


Floria City is an ambitious construction project in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan region in Iraq. It started in 2011 and is expected to finish in 2016. There are 3 distinct residential areas named after local flowers and one Commercial Area with shops and facilities for entertainment, sports and other outdoor and indoor activities for both adults and children. Prices range from $59,000 for a home office to $2.5 million for a large palace with its own swimming pool. More Erbil construction projects and companies will be featured on soon.


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