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Shoes with Changeable Heels


Tanya Heath’s Women’s Shoes with Changeable Heels

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After years of research and development, designer and entrepreneur Tanya Heath did a real revolution and innovation in the world of fashion. With the help of over 20 engineers and fashion experts, Tanya Heath Paris were able to come up with a concept for women’s shoes with changeable, removable and adjustable heels.

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The concept is simple. Three collections reflecting: Liberty, Power and Seduction. Each collection was designed for a special time of the day, weekends or getaways, office or home, outings or just casual meetings….

This is a truly “fun” concept. We really love the innovation Tanya Heath brought to the fashion table. The heels come in different sizes, styles, colors, materials, heights, shapes and forms. Hundreds of models are available to choose from, and the best part is that with one pair of shoes, you can buy several heels for several occasions. So ladies tell us, what do you think about this creative concept?