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Franchise Concepts for Middle East & Africa


Beirut, Lebanon – May 24, 2016 – The Lebanese company “Big Idea Advertising & Branding” announced today the signing of a non-exclusive finder agreement with French company “GAGNER En Franchise SAS U” to seek out potential investors interested in becoming Master Franchisee/Franchisee for a wide interesting array of brands and business concepts.

Whereas, “Big Idea” is creative ad agency established in the year 2003 by Mr. Edmond H. Sweidy in Lebanon, with a national and international portfolio of clients from Lebanon, the Gulf, Africa, USA, and many countries in Europe. “Big Idea” is specialized in:  creative design, corporate identity, marketing, advertising design, activation campaigns, online advertising and marketing, social media management, web design and development, printing production, marketing consultancy services and all the related.

“GAGNER En Franchise SAS U” is a French company established in the year 2011 by Mr. Christophe Bellet member of the College of Experts of the French Franchise Federation, specializing in the introduction, consultancy, development and marketing of international brands and business concepts mainly in France, Europe and many countries all over the world. “GAGNER En Franchise SAS U” wishes to expand its business network and arm in the Middle East and Africa, and this is partly the main reason for this outstanding agreement between the two companies. “Big Idea” will be involved in numerous efforts to identify potential investors, be it individuals or companies who are interested in owning franchises in their countries.

For inquiries, contact:

Edmond H. Sweidy

Big Idea Advertising & Branding –

Beirut, Lebanon

[email protected]

Tel: +961 1 495 559

Mob: +961 3 12 18 15


Christophe Bellet

GAGNER en Franchise

18 Rue Pasquier

78008 Paris, France

[email protected]

Mob: +33 6 07 14 60 42