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#FTOSNA Online Protest



Beirut, Lebanon – October 2, 2015 – A group of Lebanese people launched a one of a kind online protest campaign. The campaign aims at drawing the attention of the Lebanese officials and people in general towards the ongoing unsolved problem of garbage in Lebanon. This is the first time ever, and in the whole world, this kind of campaign is done.

The Campaign Idea

The idea is simple. People are asked to take a selfie with the medical or surgical mask on their face, and post it on their Facebook timeline or as a profile picture. People were also encouraged to copy and paste the following text and place it as a description with their photos:

<<<<<<<<< Support FTOSNAفطسنا online initiative against the stinky problem of garbage in Lebanon. This initiative aims at making ourselves heard and exert pressure on officials to find effective and viable solutions for the garbage problem. As a form of protest, we encourage every Lebanese to post a photo on Facebook wall or asa profile photo with a medical mask on his/her face. We are all concerned. Let us make ourselves heard.

 #‏فطسنا #‎ftosna >>>>>>

The online movement is gaining more and more media exposure although there are no intentions of taking it to the street. It is only an online protest, with one clear aim: to protest differently and uniquely. Hashtags for this campaign were also launched and they are: #ftosna and #فطسنا – The Facebook page is www.facebook.com/ftosna  and your Likes and Shares are highly appreciated.