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Gym for Women


If you are a woman, Erbil Sport Center has it’s own dedicated area for women. It is called the women’s section, and you can find more information on the women’s section facebook page. Erbil Sport Center is also a great place for tennis players. It is equipped with a large tennis court that is suitable for experts or novices alike! Erbil Sport Center makes it easy for individuals to get in and out quickly with its convenient parking. The club also has an exclusive V.I.P. area that has a TV, lounge, and other upgraded amenities!

Erbil Sport Center is beautiful and modern inside with bright colored ceiling lights, floor to ceiling mirrors, and lots of windows overlooking the city. The furniture is modern and chic and the equipment is clean and new. All of these features work to create a comfortable workout environment at the Erbil Sport Center.

As we are getting closer to the New Year, it’s time to start thinking of making a resolution to get fit once and for all! Fitness enthusiasts are sure to break a sweat with the kind of training facility Erbil Sport Center has to offer! To connect with Erbil Sport Center, please visit their facebook page, facebook page women’s section, or Google + page. To find out more information about Erbil fitness, visit Erbilia’s spa & fitness section: