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Haifa Wehbe Erbil Concert

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Press Release


I-EVENTS press conference hosts Haifa Wehbe and Hatem Al-Iraqi to announce musical events in Erbil.

I-EVENTS, a member of I-GROUP Lebanon, organizes a massive musical event in the city of Erbil – Kurdistan, with the two Stars Haifa Wehbe and Hatem Al-Iraqi. This event is considered as one of the biggest musical spectacles in the city that has become a major tourist destination.

For this occasion, I-GROUP held a press conference at Four Seasons Hotel – Beirut, directed by Dr. Jamal Fayyad and attended by a host of major Lebanese media and journalists, where they received all the important details for this major event which they will be covering for two nights in Erbil.

This lifetime event will take place first at Sami Abdul Rahman Park on the 30th of May, followed by a Gala-Dinner on the 31st of May garden-pool of Erbil Rotana Hotel.

Consequently, the media office of I-GROUP announced that the first event will be organized for the public as following:

  • 10,000 standing
  • 2,300 seated
  • 700 VIPs

As for the Gala-Dinner, the garden pool at Erbil Rotana Hotel will accommodate 600 people inclusive of a fancy banquet.

With regards to the technical side of the production that will take place at Sami Abdul Rahman Park, we are happy to announce that “In House Production” company will be responsible for managing all the technical elements for this event. The company has designed and executed the grand stage, where all lighting and sound equipment, as well as all the accessories for stage decoration were shipped from Beirut. All these equipments are top-of-the-line and used by renowned artists in world-class events. In addition, there will be a one of a kind laser show as a major attraction that Erbil city has seen.

For this special occasion, the star Hatem Al-Iraqi has flown exclusively to Beirut to appear in the commercial video shoot alongside the star Haifa Wehbe. Both will appear in front of the lenses of the talented young director Johnny Abdo. The video-shoot took place at the premises of Beirut Airport, where a plane was hired especially for this high budget video; something that has never been done before for a musical event commercial.

This is the second occasion where I-EVENTS shoots a special commercial for a musical event after this New Year’s event.

I-EVENTS management would like to thank all dignitaries and individuals who helped us in logistics facilitation for this massive event in Erbil. Particularly, we would like to express our gratitude to His Excellency Mr. Nozad Hadi the Mayor of Erbil, and His Excellency Mr. Taher Abdullah Deputy Mayor of Erbil, as well as, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Jinko Mohammad who played an instrumental role in helping us to process all administrative related issues for this event. Also, we would like to thank the management of Sami Abdul Rahman Park for its overall collaboration and hospitality, as well as, we thank all the public administrations and the security personnel in the city.

Last but not least, we express our sincere gratitude to all the press and media people who are cordially and professionally collaborating with this huge event with all responsiveness and kind support.

Our rendezvous is in Erbil, this beautiful and peaceful city where I-EVENTS member of I-GROUP will provide all press facilities for all media for their coverage of this massive event.

In conclusion of the press conference, the I-EVENTS team moved to the airport to shoot the video for the two announced events under the direction of Johnny Abdo. The shoot lasted until 2 a.m. as the two stars Haifa Wehbe and Hatem Al-Iraqi showed signs of tiredness.

Thereof, the commercial will be aired during the first days of May on all media and social-media websites.