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A Fairytale Wedding Venue in Lebanon


Last week Erbilia Online Magazine paid a visit to one of the most elegant and spectacular outdoor wedding venues in Lebanon – the Hightower Castle. The road up to the castle was especially beautiful as we passed by green forests and the higher we drove the more enchanted we were by the beauty of the landscape.

We went there on a clear sunny day and were warmly greeted by Mrs. Maya Taylor, a friendly, smiling lady who manages the place with passion and attention to detail. She was more than happy to show us around and tell us some great things about the history of the place and its present glory.

From a Fortress to an Event Venue in Lebanon

The Hightower Castle was the creation of a visionary engineer, Hussein Kaedbey, who was able to foresee the troubled years ahead and wanted a safe residence for himself and his family. The Castle started being built in 1962 and among its many structural features there was a thick fortressed wall, a fortified watchtower and an amazing underground escape tunnel which we were delighted to visit.

After Kaedbey’s death in 1975, the Castle was sold to Kamal and Ghada Aridi but large parts of the property were destroyed in the civil war. Reconstruction work started in the early 1990’s when Kamal Aridi decided to add the four turrets we see today on the four corners of the original building and which give the Castle its present unique appearance.

Today, the inside of the Castle is still under renovation and its rooms are expected to be available to the public by 2018. However, its outdoor grounds and beautifully landscaped gardens are rented for weddings, private parties, music concerts, fashion shows, dinner galas and various corporate events.

Unforgettable Weddings in Lebanon

Mrs. Taylor took us round the peaceful, postcard-perfect grounds of Hightower Castle where we had the chance to admire the majestic central fountain which is located in front of the main entrance to the Castle and it is one of the main attractions of the venue for memorable wedding photos in a fairytale environment.

As we were walking towards the “Lion’s Court” we could admire the stunning views of the surrounding countryside down to the blue shimmering waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The “Lion’s Court” is the reception area where you can welcome your guests next to a pair of guardian regal lion statues.

The grounds of the Hightower Castle can accommodate up to 1000 guests and there is an enormous parking space for 500 cars while the valet parking personnel to help your guests comes at no extra cost.

In the evening the place is beautifully lit while the night views of the valley below become even more spectacular. Whether you are planning your wedding or any other social or business event the staff here will help you enjoy unforgettable moments.

Go for a Visit

We found out many more interesting details about this majestic weddings and events venue in Lebanon. Mrs. Taylor showed us around every nook and corner, every path and lane and she told us that photos can never depict the true beauty of the place. That is why she strongly advises everyone interested in planning a wedding or any other event here to arrange a visit to Hightower Castle, see the real beauty of the place and talk with her about rental prices, menus or anything else they may be interested in. Her email address is mayataylor@hightowercastle.com, and you can call her on +961 79128374 or +961 5 570919. You can also visit the venue’s official website at www.hightowercastle.com