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Looking for a great Erbil restaurant? We have got you covered today. With bread being a staple in Kurdish cuisine, bakeries are very popular in Erbil. With that being said business is booming for bakery owners, especially as Erbil continues to grow.

One such bakery in Erbil is Bakery & More. Bakery & More is just like its name, a bakery with other delicious cuisine. Bakery & More’s popularity is well deserved. The baked goods are divine, and the other dishes will make your mouth water. No city guide is complete without Bakery & More. It’s a must try for locals as well as tourists.

You can find Bakery & More on Shoresh Street in Erbil. It is one of the few city long-standing connections to the expat communities. The Lebanese bakery is located on ground floor, and here you can find an extensive menu of baked goods such as freshly baked breads, biscuits, pastries and cakes. A baked good is a must-try for any visitor. If you don’t want to sit down and eat at Bakery & More, it’s a great place to pick up some bread or a pastry on your way home. On the ground floor Bakery & More also serves other sweet items like homemade ice cream and gourmet chocolates. Who doesn’t love home made ice cream and chocolate? If you are in the mood for savory fair, you can find authentic Italian pizzas and a deli counter stocked with meats and poultry, sea food (caviar & smoked salmon), and specialty cheese series from various parts of the world.

On the first floor you will find a spacious, cool café style eatery. On this floor Bakery & More serves up a menu of delicious snacks, Oriental dishes, and international dishes. From fish and chips to fajitas, your meal is sure to not disappoint.

For those who are looking for Erbil fast food, Bakery & More also offers free delivery at their restaurant in Erbil. This makes it very convenient and quick to give it a try. If you decide to dine in the restaurant, you will notice the service is quick and those who work there are very friendly. The atmosphere is clean and the décor is great. The owners sure know what they are doing!

The popularity of this Erbil café has not gone unnoticed, and we can see why. It’s a great atmosphere, and the food is extraordinary. Next time you are looking to eat out in Erbil, I would look no further than Bakery & More. You will be glad you went! It’s Erbil food at its finest! You won’t be able to miss the restaurant on Shoresh Street with its big sign and distinctive logo!

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