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Erbil Education Opportunities – Ishik University Erbil, Kurdistan region, Iraq

Apart from attracting billions of dollars in foreign business and real estate investment projects, Erbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdistan region of Iraq, has also attracted several private educational institutes that help promote culture and education in the area.

Ishik University in Erbil is part of the Turkish Fezalar Educational Company which opened the first private High School in Erbil in 1994. Fezalar Educational Institutions aim to raise the standards of Erbil education and fight all kinds of discrimination by providing education to all students regardless of their nationality, color, creed, or political beliefs.

Today, Ishik University, which was established in 2008 after having received the permission of the Kurdish Ministry of Higher education, is considered to be one of the most reputable private Erbil Universities.


Ishik Premises and Faculties

When Ishik was first established in 2008, it could accept students only for the English Preparatory School. However, the following academic year five bachelor degrees were offered along with 8 different English Preparatory School programs.

During the first academic years, classes were temporarily held in the premises of the Ishik High School, but as the new building of the University has been completed, classes are now held there. Erbil education standards have been positively affected since Ishik University has open.

Faulty of Dentistry

The aim of the Faculty is to provide the local community and the extended Middle East region with competent and highly trained dental experts who will raise the dental hygiene standards of the Kurdistan population.

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

The Faculty aims to educate students to become highly qualified leading executives in the competitive field of economics. Today there are departments in Business and Management, Economics and Finance, along with the Banking Systems Department.

Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education offers a B.A. course in teaching English as a foreign language. With classes in Methodology and Pedagogical approach, students get prepared for a teaching career, but they can also pursue numerous other personal interests that involve proficient knowledge of the English language.

Faculty of Engineering

This is a well-sought after field of knowledge in the Erbil education system as major construction plans are taking place in the Kurdistan region and a lot more are being planned for the future.

Students become accustomed to new technologies, modern engineering methods and all technical and scientific innovations. Because of its close relationships with the business world, Ishik University offers significant opportunities to its graduates to get practical training with a reputable organization.

Faculty of Science

The department of Information Technology aims to develop and put in practice innovative solutions for all fields of industry and make the best of the existing systems to provide students with the necessary qualifications in order to become instructional designers, trainers and specialists in educational computing science.

Faculty of Law

One of the most comprehensive Erbil Universities in the field of Law, Ishik offers classes in Penal and Civil law, Public International law, Islamic law and many more. Also students get accustomed to the labor and social security systems, the existing financial and taxation legislation, and the constitutional law.

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