KFC Erbil at Family Mall in Erbil Kurdistan
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KFC Erbil Now Open


KFC Opens at Family Mall in Erbil

An amazing new KFC branch of the famous American worldwide franchise brand in the fast food sector has opened in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region. You can find this new restaurant on the first floor of the Family Mall, one of the largest and most modern malls in the city. The KFC Erbil branch is the first original KFC restaurant in the whole of Iraq and Erbilians, who really love fast food and eating out, had been looking forward to. However, this KFC restaurant isn’t going to be the only one in the city, as one more is planned to open at the beginning of March, 2015 in the Majidi Mall, another beautiful mall in Erbil.

Opening Night

A lot of media was there on the opening night and we were amazed by the large number of people of all ages who were there. Judging from what they told reporters, and from the happy expression on their faces, we can say that they absolutely loved the different meals and the original KFC environment, which looked even better with the white, red, and black balloons that decorated the place. The restaurant offers a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere and is spotlessly clean, while all members of the staff are pleasant, polite, and well-groomed and they did their best to serve every one of us with a smile.

Menu Options

As the old KFC slogan used to say, their food is “finger licking good” – and we think they are right. All dishes are based on chicken which is pressure fried and seasoned with the secret KFC “original recipe” to make it crispy and super delicious. You can have an individual, a shared or a family meal. Most meals are accompanied with fries, sauce, coleslaw salad, a bread roll and a Pepsi drink. Apart from the classic chicken strips, you can have a toasted twister which is a toasted tortilla wrap filled with chicken strips, fresh diced tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise sauce. You can also enjoy a rizo chicken dish, “popcorn” chicken in a paper bucket, and three different tasty chicken burgers. If you go there with your children, they will definitely love the two different kids’ menus. For dessert, you can have chocolate or cheesecake and except for Pepsi, you can have a mojito or a lemonade drink. For more information about prices and menu options at KFC, you can visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/KFCKURDISTAN

KFC History

The first outlet of the famous chain of fast food restaurants opened in Louisville in Kentucky, USA, in 1930s and its initials stood for Kentucky Fried Chicken. The restaurant was established by Colonel Harland Sanders and the first KFC franchise opened in Salt Lake City in Utah, USA, in 1952. The image of Colonel Sanders, who died in 1980 at the age of 90, is still depicted in the company’s logo and most advertisements. Today, the KFC Chain is owned by the Yum! Brands, Inc. fast food company which also operates the Pizza Hut and the Taco Bell restaurants worldwide.