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Erbil Today

Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region, is a rapidly expanding city with a population of almost 2 million people and thousands of visitors both from Iraq and the neighboring Iranian cities. Visitors are attracted to Erbil because the city provides a safe and modern environment for shopping and entertainment.

On the other hand, thousands of expatriates from many parts of the world have taken permanent residence in the city as it provides excellent career opportunities for a wide range of professionals. New residential areas have already been inhabited while others are being under construction. All this activity has increased the need for effective local and international communication.

Communications in Erbil and Neighboring Areas

The first thing visitors should be aware of when visiting Erbil or other areas in Kurdistan is that they cannot rely on landlines for their communication within Iraq or abroad. Public phones are far and few between and they operate on prepaid chip cards which are available at local supermarkets and shopping centers. Hotels rarely offer a landline service, so having a reliable mobile network provider is essential.

A mobile phone is also necessary for those who have taken residence in the new areas of Erbil since getting a landline in most of those areas is quite difficult. However, wherever this is possible it is very useful for Internet connection, which becomes a lot faster with the use of a landline.

Korek Telecom

At the moment most communication in Erbil relies on the local networks of mobile telephony with Korek Telecom dominating the field. Korek is the largest mobile network in Iraq that covers all the 18 provinces of the country efficiently. The quality of the network is high as it is guaranteed by the state-of-the-art GSM technology, while services to customers provide excellent value for money.

Korek is a shared limited company that started operating in the north part of Iraq in 2000. It was the first mobile telephony company in the country and in 2007 it obtained a nationwide mobile license that covers a population of 32 million people.

Korek Telecom Erbil kurdistan

Korek Phone Plans

There are three main plans you can choose from:

  • Prepaid Plan – This is the most common mobile phone plan and the one most local customers opt for. There are no bills, no connection or rental fee. Users can buy top up cards according to their needs.
  • Postpaid Plan – This plan involves monthly billing and is more suitable for permanent residents and professionals who use their mobile all the time. There is a monthly fee of 12,000 IQD.
  • Diyafa Line – This is a special plan for visitors who want to make local and international calls at competitive prices. There is no connection or rental fee and there is a flat rate for talking on and off the net to all cities in Iraq. Diyafa line is valid for 15 days after its activation and it can be refilled just like the prepaid plan.

In order to sign up for any of the above phone plans, locals and visitors will have to visit the nearest Erbil Korek store, authorized local distributor or kiosk. Visitors will be asked to provide a copy of their passport and confirmation of their residence in Iraq.

For more information about special business offers, tariffs and rates, mobile Internet and other services, visit the Korek official website at www.korektel.com.


Korek Telecom is the largest mobile network in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan area in Iraq. Korek covers not only the Kurdistan region, but all the 18 regions of Iraq as well. Services are of high quality as they are based on GSM technology and there are three main plans customers can choose from. The Diyafa Line Plan is the most suitable for visitors and tourists; the Prepaid Plan is the most common plan, while the Postpaid Plan is more suitable for professionals.


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