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Kurdish Comedy Revealed


Matin Atrushi

The Kurdish Comedian Who Has Taken Californians by Storm

A much-promising Kurdish stand-up comedian, actor, and funny video producer, Matin Atrushi has been in the spotlight of the California comedy scene for several years. He has made a name for himself and his friends who perform with him by offering memorable nights in several popular venues such as the Red Mad House Comedy Club, the Comedy Palace, Aces Comedy Club, Legends Comedy Club and many more in the San Diego area.

Matin started his career in stand-up comedy when he was 24 years old, but he had been aware of his talent to make people laugh since he was in the first grades of primary school. His first performance, when he was 24 years old, was in a coffee shop on the outskirts of Los Angeles, but even though the 3-minute performance had some technical difficulties, he was thrilled to be on the stage and have the opportunity to connect with his audience. He continued his performances in the same coffee shop for several months and he soon found himself sharing the same stage with Robin Williams and Chris Rock, two legends in stand-up comedy.

King of Kurdish Comedy

Today, Matin shines on stage with his hilarious shows and wherever he appears the place is literally packed with fans. He and his fellow comedians do a fine job to impress and connect with their audience, and create a pleasant atmosphere with fun and laughter for everyone. Matin is an outgoing personality and he often makes reference to his Kurdish roots, his parents and siblings. Through these references he manages to make people aware of the funny and more serious aspects of the Kurdish culture.

Matin has a passion with making people laugh, he works hard to improve himself as a comedian, and he writes his own jokes and sketches. At the same time, he is also the producer, writer and actor in several funny videos with millions of hits on YouTube. His most hilarious short videos on YouTube are:

  • Uncle Matin’s Sword Trick (wrote, produced, acted in)
  • Ahmed the Iraqi Clown (writer, producer, actor)
  • GPS Man (producer, actor)
  • Sock Babies (producer)
  • Day at the Beach (actor)
  • Not Safe for Work (actor)

In addition to these, Matin worked together with another talented comedian, Travis Kurtz, to create the Zeke Mahogany website and YouTube channel that contains sketches and funny clips that have got nearly 5 million hits.

Matin’s Kurdish Background

Matin was just a baby when his family who lived in northern Iraq had to leave their country as political refugees. They managed to escape to Iran by crossing the mountains on the border with Iran. It was a difficult time for young Matin and his family because they knew no one in Iran and they had no money. A compassionate local woman took them to her house where they stayed for a few years. Later, a kind man made all the necessary arrangements through his church to send the family to the United States. At first, they went to North Dakota, but in 1988, they moved to San Diego in California where they still live.

Let’s hope that we will see Matin perform in Erbil one day!