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Faruk Medical City

Excellence in Kurdistan Healthcare

Faruk Medical City (FMC) seems to be coming from the future and gives us a glimpse into how all hospitals will be in the future – or at least how we would like them to be. For the time being, this unique hospital, a successful combination of a cutting-edge-technology hospital and a 5-star hotel, gives patients all the care, medical expertise, hope and support to overcome their problem both physically and psychologically.

Located in the city of Sulaymaniyah, the hospital was built on a 70,000m2-land by Faruk Holding which belongs to Faruk Mustafa Rassool, one of the wealthiest and most prominent businessmen in Iraq. FMC was inaugurated on 14th April 2014 and is managed by the Turkish Acibadem Healthcare Group whose vision and aim is to provide top-notch healthcare by leading medical professionals in an environment that is conducive to healing, relaxation and fast recovery.

The hospital has 210 single rooms with sitting and dining area, 21 luxury suites, and 3 presidential suites, while relatives who accompany the patients can stay in the adjacent hotel which was built exclusively for this purpose. There are also 12 intensive-care units and 5 neonatal units – all equipped with the latest technology available. The hospital environment is safe and spotlessly clean, while measures are always taken to prevent infections.

In its 53 different clinics, FMC has 120 highly-qualified doctors of all specialties and 400 trained nurses who treat patients with respect, honesty and compassion and they are there for whatever patients need all around the clock. Also, the patients’ privacy is always ensured and all their personal information are treated with utmost confidentiality

The hospital offers a wide range of clinical services from cardiology to diabetes, from gynecology to pediatrics, and from psychiatry and psychology to a specialized ophthalmology clinic. For a full list of the clinical services provided in FMC, visit their website farukmedicalcity.com or their Facebook page www.facebook.com/farukmedicalcity