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Kurdistan Photo Journey

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Kurdistan in the lens of German photographer Christian Willner

Interview – The Munich based experienced photographer Christian Willner is a freelance photographer who started out in 2008. His unique photography style gave him the chance to widen up his portfolio to include reportage style photography, women/beauty, as well as travel.

In the beginning, he started working as a fashion and event photographer. While traveling quite often to Africa, the Middle East and Asia, he developed a strong interest in street photography and photojournalism.

The intention to go to Kurdistan developed because of the current situation in Syria. Christian wanted to see how a small country like the independent Northern Iraq can handle such a big amount of refugees. When he visited in mid November 2013, he had the chance to visit 3 refugee camps close to Duhok and Erbil.

The creative and passionate photographer loves to see every aspect of life in every country he visits. This is what made him roam through the streets of Duhok, Erbil and Kawrgosk everyday to get in touch with the real culture and feel its essence. Seeing how people live and their conditions, gave him and overwhelming feeling that he never experienced before. The hospitality of the Kurdish people was highly remarkable to him. Everywhere he went, he was invited at least for some good tea and a nice chat. He also felt very safe and people were extremely helpful in case he needed anything.

Throughout his trip, Christian developed a special portfolio of pictures which he wants to present to the people of Kurdistan and off course to all other nations who are interested in this charming part of the world. It definitely won’t be his last trip to Kurdistan, more trips will be done in order to get in touch more with the art scene there.

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