Special review on Kurdistan TV, Kurdish TV Station
Erbilia Online Magazine - Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Kurdistan TV Success Story


Kurdistan TV

Information, Entertainment and Strengthening

of Kurdish Identity on a Global Scale

Located in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan, and established by the Kurdish Democratic Party, Kurdistan TV broadcast for the first time on 1st January, 1999, and this year it proudly celebrates its 16th anniversary. Kurdistan TV, which has also offices in Germany and the Netherlands, was the first satellite TV that gave Kurds all over the globe the chance to connect to their homeland, native language, and cultural heritage by reviving their sense of belonging to their land of origin.

At a time when the use of the Internet was rather limited, especially in the Kurdistan Region, the launching of Kurdistan TV was a great achievement of the Kurdish Democratic Party whose aim was to break the silence of the Kurdish people who had suffered cruelty and persecutions. In addition to freedom of expression for all Kurds, the founders of the channel wanted to promote the main ideals of democracy, such as equality, respect of human rights, peaceful coexistence among people of different backgrounds, justice, and rejection of all forms of bigotry.

After sixteen years of continuous effort, the Kurdistan Democratic Party can be happy with the results. Today, Kurdish viewers from all over the world have the chance to learn the top news stories from Kurdistan, Iraq, the Middle East and the World, but they can also enjoy programs on sports, music, art, culture and lifestyle. Even though political issues and current affairs attract a large number of viewers on a daily basis, talk shows on social matters, such as family relations, education, employment, and women’s role in the society, also rank high.

In a short opinion survey, Erbilia Online Magazine asked viewers about their favorite KTV programs and, not surprisingly, music shows came first in their preference. In fact, Kurdish music programs are highly valued by the Kurds of the Diaspora who get to know the songs and trends of the new generation of singers and musicians in their homeland and abroad.

Children’s programs also rank high among the viewers’ preferences. Children can enjoy a variety of educational and entertaining programs including dubbed or non-dubbed English cartoons, fairy tales and documentaries. Through these programs, children of Kurdish origin who live abroad have the opportunity to keep in touch with their native country and the Kurdish language in the most pleasant way.

Most programs are broadcast in the Kurdish language, but English, Arabic and Turkish are also supported on the channel’s website. Programs are broadcast 24 hours a day, but some of the most important ones, especially children’s programs, are re-aired for viewers who are in different time zones. Kurdistan TV transmits on Eutelsat Sesat 1, Hotbird 6, Galaxy 19, Nile Sat, and Optus D2.

For more information in Kurdish and several other languages, you can visit the channel’s official website: www.kurdistantv.tv or visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/kurdistantvcenter where thousands of viewers comment and exchange opinions on the different programs of the channel.